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Food Weighouse Xmas Stages 1999

Awards List to Time Card 3

                        1st Overall   9 Charlie Payne
                                        Craig Thorley

                        2nd Overall   8 Neil Hiorns
                                        Tom Watson

                        3rd Overall  10 Chris Lewis
                                        John Richardson

                        1st Class 1  33 Mark Constantine
                                        Andrew Constantine

                        2nd Class 1  49 John Deegan
                                        Kath Shepherd

                        1st Class 2  52 Paul Lawson
                                        Andrew Stephenson

                        2nd Class 2  50 David Cox
                                        Simon Taylor

                        1st Class 3  16 Michael Glendinning
                                        Ronnie Roughead

                        2nd Class 3  27 Tony Bardy
                                        Tony Walker

                        1st Class 4  24 Charlie Taylor
                                        Murray Foster

                        2nd Class 4  58 Stuart Adamson
                                        John Adamson

                           1st Gp N   6 Gary Kellam
                                        Garry Morpeth

                        1st Class 5  12 David Brown
                                        Paul Hudson

                      1st Formula 2  29 Richard Welford
                                        Larry Carter

                        2nd Class 5   2 Anthony Eaton
                                        Peter Hartland

                           1st Lady  53 Samantha Petch
                                        Joyce Champion

                         1st Novice  54 Mark Butler
                                        Stewart Chambers

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