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The 2001 Riponian Stages Rally

Final Awards List

                        1st Overall   1 Charlie Payne
                                        Craig Thorley
                        2nd Overall   4 Tony Bardy
                                        Tony Walker
                        3rd Overall   3 Dave Wood
                                        Les Waterfall
                        1st Class A  70 Nicola Harper
                                        Andrew Dugdale
                        2nd Class A  76 Ian Bailey
                                        Geoff Moffitt
                        3rd Class A  67 Jon Neale
                                        John McNichol
                        1st Class B  29 Jonathan Kitchen
                        2nd Class B  19 Ryan Champion
                                        Cliff Simmons
                        3rd Class B  25 Adrian Wilson
                                        Kevin Bardon
                        1st Class C  18 Richard Welford
                                        Mick Welford
                        2nd Class C  36 Malcolm Norris
                                        Martin Brearey
                        3rd Class C  38 Peter Dickson
                        1st Class D   7 Darell Staniforth
                                        Jon Dunning
                        2nd Class D  15 Barry Pittaway
                                        David Kirby
                        3rd Class D   9 Barry Johnson
                                        Peter Croft
                        1st Class E  61 John Parker
                                        Robert Harrison
                        2nd Class E     No Eligible Finishers
                        3rd Class E     No Eligible Finishers
                          1st Ripon   5 Mathew Yeadon
                                        Richard Shores
                          1st Mixed  50 Russell Dykes
                                        Leonie Spencer

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