Stockton & District Motor Club - Tour of Hamsterley 2011

Final Stage Times in Starting Order for Retirements to ATC 3

Car Cls Crew12 Penalty Total Cls
2EDavid Wright/ Michael Wilkinson  Split Oil Cooler
6EPeter Stephenson/   Non starter
8EMatthew Robinson/ Nigel Hutchinson6:0412:1618:201240
10CDMike Dowson/ Dave Raw6:437:4414:27212
11AMat Smith/ Darren Smith6:327:4614:18111
14CDGraham Haigh/ Mick Johnson8:108:1916:29834
17EDavid Marshall/ Chris Hudson10:11 Tank Guard Came Off
25CDMalcolm Mawdsley/ Mike Wood6:527:5314:45417
26AGavin Spencer/ Colin Tombs  742
30EMichael Dwan/ Jane Clark7:599:0117:001138
42HRoger Kilty/ Lynette Banks6:187:4214:0029
48HRobert Close/ Mike Reynolds6:517:5314:44416
52HPeter Humphrey/ Neil Morrison  Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Pennington 1
Stage 2
Clouldlam 1

These results became Final on Sunday 8th May 2011 at 16:57 BST