Lindholme Motor Sports Club - Danum Rally 2011

Final Penalties in Starting Order with Positions to MTC 20 - Time Card 2

Car Cls CrewTotal
Time Card 1
Total Cls
1EAdrian Green/ Ian Gibbins3:25 Suspension damage
2EGuy Robinson/ Cath Woodman3:053:0522
3EAndy Smith/ Ali Procter3:193:1944
4EJason Straker/ Sasha Heriot3:213:2155
5ESteve Retchless/ Richard Hage3:113:1133
6EJonty Bloxham/ Nick Bloxham Non-Starter
7EPhil Burton/ Sam Collis2:492:4911
8EPete James Tyson/ Neil Harrison8:458:451418
9EAndy Nixon/ David Pedley5:405:40910
10ESteven Featherstone/ Paul Taylor4:194:1966
11ECraig Burgess/ John Pickavance 7:497:491317
12EMalcolm Holdsworth/ Richard Holdsworth7:087:081112
14ERoger Powley/ Leigh Powley4:294:2977
15EIan C Orford/ Nick Jones6:416:411011
16EDavo Wilkinson/ Jonathan Stockdale4:524:5288
17ENicholas Dixon/ Mike Petch9:129:121521
18EJon Lawson/ Richard Todd23:2023:201730
19EAndy Smallwood/ David Bell7:127:121213
20ECraig Bellworthy/ Paul Gould20:2720:271629
22SMick Smith/ Rhiannon Wilkinson7:377:37214
23SRichard French/ Richard Johnson10:2410:24823
24SDavid Wainwright/ Yvonne Wainwright13:2513:251126
25SDave Leadbetter/ Kevin Ablitt9:379:37722
26SAdam Campbell/ Simon Taylor8:498:49620
27SJames Vincent/ Kelvin Phipps7:447:44416
28SColin Ladley/ Beth Blythe12:4612:461025
29SSimon Mellings/ Max Freeman7:437:43315
30SGeoff Goodwin/ Sandy Loynd Non-Starter
31SBob Ward./ Karl Ellis.8:478:47519
32SJon Hill/ Michael Pears29:2529:251333
33SGlyn Casey/ Adam Roper11:2211:22924
34SChris Faulkner/ Trevor Faulkner5:305:3019
35STom Spencer/ Sam Spencer5:52 Snapped Alternator Belt
37NSam Wainwright/ Will Retchless15:3115:31127
38NRoger Stoneley/ Andy Stewart16:2716:27228
39SAlex Green/ Mike Yates29:0129:011232
40NSteve Mitchell/ Ian Mitchell27:1127:11331
41NDean Haigh/ Charmian Haigh10F 1:05:2910F 1:05:29434

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Section.

These results became Final on Sunday 17th April 2011 at 06:44 BST