Car Cls CrewTotal
Time Card 3
8 Route
Total Cls
37H6/H7/M1Danny Robinson/ Sam Wainwright8:541:3310:2711
3H4Archie Simmonds/ Richard Simmonds9:071:2310:3012
23H6/H7/M1Andrew Smith / Ali Procter9:081:2310:3123
2H5Paul Wignall/ Fred Bent9:361:2811:0414
28H5David Ruddock/ Kevin Carruther10:051:3711:4225
10H3Stephen Johnson/ John Vincent10:101:3311:4316
5H5Andy Beaumont/ Jake Burns10:091:3811:4737
6H2Mike Vokes/ Philip Vokes10:161:4111:5718
1H1Charles Graves/ Ron Palmer10:371:4412:2119
12H2Nigel Cardale/ Peter Littlefield11:161:4413:00210
35H6/H7/M1Dave Short/ Roy Heath12:441:3514:19311
27H2Peter Metcalfe/ Guy Wickham15:271:3917:06312
11H5Ian Guthrie/ Charlie Tynan16:241:4418:08413
32H5John Cockerill/ Martin Cockerill17:201:5219:12514
29H4Michael Stead/ Peter Masters17:461:3919:25215
7H3John Abel/ John Dennett18:021:3919:41216
36H6/H7/M1George Eland/ Brian Eland18:251:5220:17417
17H5Joseph Hardy/ John Heppell19:111:3520:46618
38H6/H7/M1Jonathan Huffer/ Neil Morrison19:201:3620:56519
26H4Simon Parson/ Jessica Dickson21:241:3623:00320
25H1Peter Humphrey/ Dougie Humphrey23:451:4225:27221
22H5Gavin Thomson/ David Lauder26:031:3827:41722
19H3Ralph Miller/ Paul Miller27:321:4129:13323
16H4John Pinkney/ Alex Williams27:461:4829:34424
34H6/H7/M1Stuart Bankier/ David Alexander28:051:3729:42625
20H2John Park/ John Stanger-Leathes30:221:4532:07426
30H3Trevor Barnes/ Andrew Smith36:111:4237:53427
33H6Sue Hynd/ Tom Hynd37:541:3839:3228
18H2Roger Humphrey/ William Humphrey38:172:0040:17529
39H3Peter Birtles/ Richard Goodacre40:141:4241:56530
8H5Willaim Thompson (Jnr)/ Willaim Thompson (Snr)41:091:2642:35831
15H4Joe Norman/ Jane Clark44:091:3545:44532
14H5Roy Perkins/ Robert Parker1:51:172:001:53:17933
24H4Stephen Byrne/ David Byrne2:08:222:002:10:22634
40BPeter Houghton/ Sheila Houghton3:10:502:003:12:50135
These Competitors have only done 7 Tests
31H4Sally Ann Hewitt/ Mark Lewis1:18:472:001:20:47736

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Test 8
Karting 8

These results became Final on Sunday 6th February 2011 at 17:36 GMT

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