Car Cls CrewMTC
Total Cls
1H1Charles Graves/ Ron Palmer11
2H5Paul Wignall/ Fred Bent12
3H4Archie Simmonds/ Richard Simmonds13
5H5Andy Beaumont/ Jake Burns24
6H2Mike Vokes/ Philip Vokes15
7H3John Abel/ John Dennett16
8H5Willaim Thompson (Jnr)/ Willaim Thompson (Snr)37
9H5Ian Curwen/ Bob Hargreaves48
10H3Stephen Johnson/ John Vincent29
11H5Ian Guthrie/ Charlie Tynan510
12H2Nigel Cardale/ Peter Littlefield211
14H5Roy Perkins/ Robert Parker612
15H4Joe Norman/ Jane Clark213
16H4John Pinkney/ Alex Williams314
17H5Joseph Hardy/ John Heppell715
18H2Roger Humphrey/ William Humphrey316
19H3Ralph Miller/ Paul Miller317
20H2John Park/ John Stanger-Leathes418
21H1Donald Urquhart/ Eilidh Urquhart219
22H5Gavin Thomson/ David Lauder820
23H6/H7/M1Andrew Smith / Ali Procter121
24H4Stephen Byrne/ David Byrne422
25H1Peter Humphrey/ Dougie Humphrey323
26H4Simon Parson/ Jessica Dickson524
27H2Peter Metcalfe/ Guy Wickham525
28H5David Ruddock/ Kevin Carruther926
29H4Michael Stead/ Peter Masters627
30H3Trevor Barnes/ Andrew Smith428
31H4Sally Ann Hewitt/ Mark Lewis729
32H5John Cockerill/ Martin Cockerill1030
33H6Sue Hynd/ Tom Hynd31
34H6/H7/M1Stuart Bankier/ David Alexander232
35H6/H7/M1Dave Short/ Roy Heath333
36H6/H7/M1George Eland/ Brian Eland434
37H6/H7/M1Danny Robinson/ Sam Wainwright535
38H6/H7/M1Jonathan Huffer/ Neil Morrison636
39H3Peter Birtles/ Richard Goodacre537
40BPeter Houghton/ Sheila Houghton138

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Test.

These results became Final on Sunday 6th February 2011 at 17:36 GMT

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