Car Cls Crew1234567 Penalty Total Cls
25Chris Wise/ Tracey Taylor West13:5911:0410:31    Suspension
84Keith Davison/ Henry Richardson14:0311:5720:00    1 Wheel Drive!!
93Martyn Tinker/ Jack Morton13:4911:3010:099:238:29  Retired
144Barry Renwick/ Ken Bills       Non Starter
155Nick Stamper/ Heather Stamper       Non Starter
163Chris Wood/ Rob Hart12:3010:539:578:458:237:46 Straw Bale rolled in front and hit it!
372Chris Cole/ Kate Cole12:5211:039:32    Retired
395Peppe Planeta/ Richard Winstanly14:43      Clutch Failure
411Andrew Fawcett/ Chris Purvis13:1411:279:499:068:50  Retired
422Ian Cartwright/ St John Dykes12:4411:209:579:028:458:51 Sick Engine / Rattly
445Ken Moore/ Richard Edwards13:4311:24     Clutch
542Duncan Heseltine/ Steven Ord16:1413:0910:489:529:4120:00 Retired
643Neil Marshall/ Mike Scrimgour15:01      Rear ended by another car = no drive
663Kevin Hullah/ Chris Harding15:0812:1810:219:059:07  Retired
693Robert Hill/ Helen Hall14:0712:5320:009:22   Engine Failure
702John Cross/ Kris Pirie14:1412:5110:509:58   Hole in Gearbox
715Phil Chicken/ Michael Boak13:2911:1810:079:51   Engine Failure
783Craig Whitehead/ Mark Casey14:3113:03     Ran into Car 64
793Shaun Wilson/ Errol Bairstow       Non Starter
882Wayne Smythe/ Tba20:0015:14     Clutch Failure
924Simon Tate/ Garry Green15:3613:2811:0610:26   Run into by other car
952Adrian Drury/ Tba       Oil Leak
982Barrie Thomson/ Jerry Hettrick13:2817:2810:0710:37   Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
6.50 miles
Stage 2
6.50 miles
Stage 3
6.50 miles
Stage 4
6.50 miles
Stage 5
6.10 miles
Stage 6
6.10 miles
Stage 7
6.10 miles

These results became Final on Tuesday 28th December 2010 at 17:31 GMT

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