Ilkley & District Motor Club - Yorkshire Revival Rally 2009

Final Penalties in Class Order with Positions to RS 3 - Regularity 3

Car Cls CrewTotal
Regularities 1 & 2
Total Cls
Class E1
23E1Adrian Stewart/ Tom Hynd1:18:391:18:39111
27E1Gordon Furness/ Lisa Furness1:42:011:42:01220
Class E2
24E2Ross Butterworth/ Richard Simmonds1:36:361:36:36118
31E2Phil Loynes/ Helena Loynes5:21:22305:51:22226
Class E4
22E4Paul Metcalfe/ Stuart Wright1:04:141:04:1414
28E4Bernie Watkins/ Adam Roper1:12:221:12:2227
37E4Ian Beech/ Fred1:21:201:21:20313
29E4Mark Casey/ Glyn Casey2:37:122:37:12423
34E4Tom Spencer/ Sam Spencer3:39:183:39:18524
36E4Ben Spencer/ Joe Cruttenden4:31:104:31:10625
Class M1
12M1Graeme Cornthwaite/ Bob Hargreaves1:06:161:06:1616
20M1Robert McClean/ Susan McClean1:15:421:15:4228
4M1Ken McEwan/ John Ingham1:16:261:16:2639
5M1Dick Appleton/ Mark Appleton1:18:261:18:26410
19M1Ernest Calvert/ Bryan Smith1:33:141:33:14516
13M1Mike Vokes/ Matthew Vokes1:38:511:38:51619
Class M23
1M23Andy Nixon/ John Tubman36:5936:5911
16M23Andrew Burns/ Mike Ogram43:5043:5022
8M23Mike Smailes/ Ali Proctor53:4453:4433
3M23Andy Beaumont/ Andrew Fish1:05:141:05:1445
6M23John Ruddock/ John Heppell1:24:571:24:57514
17M23Ian Mitchell/ Graeme Potter1:29:181:29:18615
10M23Duncan Stonier/ Bernard Northmore1:47:041:47:04721
9M23David Ruddock/ Kevin Carruthers1:54:271:54:27822
Class M4
14M4Paul Roland/ Sam Wainwright1:20:231:20:23112
15M4Richard French/ Sasha Heriot1:36:241:36:24217

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Test.

These results became Final on Sunday 13th September 2009 at 07:34 BST