Stockton & District Motor Club - The Croft Historic 2009

Final Penalties in Starting Order with Positions to NTC 1 - Time Card 2

Car Cls CrewTotal
Time Card 1
Total Cls
1H5John Ruddock/ John Heppell13:4013:40523
2H3Charles Graves/ Ron Palmer11:4011:40315
3H2Adrian Stewart/ Tom Hynd9:329:3213
4H5Andy Beaumont/ Andrew Fish10:3510:3527
5H4Archie Simmonds/ Richard Simmonds8:468:4611
6H5Andrew Smith/ Sam Wainwright1:26 No Drive
7H4John Sykes/ Nick Cooper1:28 Accident - hit fence
8H3David Agnew/ Graeme Mactavish10:1810:1815
9H3David Marsden/ Mike Garstang11:4311:43416
10H2Roger Humphrey/ William Humphrey14:0814:08832
12H3Ernest Calvert/ Bryan Smith10:4410:4428
13H3Roy Perkins/ Peter Ward14:0014:00629
14H2Robin Murray/ Gerry Hettrick10:5510:5539
15H2Mike Vokes/ Matthew Vokes11:3111:31514
16H5Michael Molloy/ Janice Molloy13:4613:46624
17H4Tony Chandler/ Richard Chandler14:1114:11734
18H7Danny Robinson/ Ian Gibbins10:0910:0914
19H4Simon Parson/ Trevor Cattermole14:05 Clutch failure
20H7David Garstang/ Heidi Garstang Non Starter
21H5Kevin Clark/ Tom Leeming13:5313:53726
22H4John Potter/ Fiona Potter13:4713:47525
23H4Antony Lomas/ Karen Lomas12:0812:08319
24H2Michael Davison/ Josh Davison10:2910:2926
25H2Paddy Jones/ Tony Longstaff13:5513:55727
26H4Graeme Cornthwaite/ Steve Aspin13:0913:09420
27H3Peter Keen/ Martin Philliips14:1214:12735
28H7Tony Tomlinson/ Ian Gerrard13:2813:28222
29H2Nigel Cardale/ Peter Littlefield13:1513:15621
30H5Andrew Holmes/ Mike Glew14:0214:02931
31H5Ian Mitchell/ Barry Peel14:0114:01830
32H6Stuart Bankier/ David Alexander11:0511:05111
33H4Ben Blanchard/ Graeme Potter11:1511:15213
34H5John Hamilton/ Andrew Hamilton11:4911:49418
35H5Mick Welford/ Roy Barwick14:4614:461038
36H2Simon Down/ Jacob Hasselmyr14:2214:221037
37H2Douglas Humphrey/ Peter Humphrey14:4614:461139
38H3Gavin Thomson/ Les McGuffog11:4511:45517
39H5Peter Birtles/ Richard Goodacre11:17 Clutch failure
40H7Andrew Burns/ Jake Burns13:5913:59328
41H5Joe Hardy/ David Ruddock11:0311:03310
42H4Stephen Johnson/ John Vincent14:4614:46840
43H4John Park/ Roland Bainbridge14:0914:09633
44H7John Bertram/ William Thompson14:4614:46441
45H4John Rowell/ Jim Kirwin14:4614:46942
46H5David Vaines/ Sean Steinmetz14:4614:461143
47H5Ross Butterworth/ Ali Procter9:249:2412
48H2Dave Whittaker/ Steve Byrne14:2114:21936
50H2Ian Curwen/ Bob Hargreaves11:1411:14412

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Section/Test.

These results became Final on Sunday 1st February 2009 at 18:27 GMT