Car Cls CrewTotal
Early Tests
Penalty Total Cls
6AMike Biss/ Cath Woodman21:2621:2611
2AJamie Turner/ Graham Dance21:4121:4122
4AOwen Turner/ Andy Ballantyne21:4621:4633
5ACarl Hawkins/ Kev Wilson21:4821:4844
7AJames Tyson/ Neil Harrison21:5021:5055
17BDouglas Brown/ Alan Pettit22:1322:1316
8ARob Yates/ Alan Ogden22:2122:2167
1APeter Valentine/ Bob Hargreaves22:3422:3478
3AMatthew Fowle/ Shon Gosling22:3722:3789
21BJames Morrison/ Ian Morrison22:5222:52210
285Neal Horsfall/ Eileen Horsfall22:5422:54111
10AIan Mepham/ Samm Keeley23:0623:06912
12AFreddy Camp/ Roger Hunt23:0823:081013
16BMatt Endean/ Dave Leadbetter23:0823:08314
305Peter Sexton/ Rebecca Sexton23:1023:10215
15APaul Rowland/ John Stanger-Leathes23:1723:171116
11AGordon Popperwell/ Brian Jaggs23:1923:191217
245Andy Stewart/ Roger Stoneley23:2123:21318
14ACharles Graves/ Ron Palmer23:3323:331319
235Neil Parr/ Dave Puzey23:3723:37420
29BDouglas Shanks/ Neil Shanks23:3723:37421
265David Bennett/ Alastair Mcneil23:3923:39522
20BAlan Shrimpton/ Paul Stephens23:4123:41523
18BMike Jones/ Shaun Hughes24:1324:13624
19BChristopher Valentine/ Rob Stubberfield24:1624:16725
255Kevin Lomax/ James Haigh24:3524:35626
9AIan Orford/ Alan Edwards25:3825:381427
275Claire Abrey/ Nicola Smith28:1428:14728

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Test.

These results became Final on Sunday 16th September 2007 at 08:45 BST

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