Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
Class 5
235Neil Parr/ Dave Puzey121
245Andy Stewart/ Roger Stoneley222
255Kevin Lomax/ James Haigh323
265David Bennett/ Alastair Mcneil424
275Claire Abrey/ Nicola Smith525
285Neal Horsfall/ Eileen Horsfall626
305Peter Sexton/ Rebecca Sexton728
Class A
1APeter Valentine/ Bob Hargreaves11
2AJamie Turner/ Graham Dance22
3AMatthew Fowle/ Shon Gosling33
4AOwen Turner/ Andy Ballantyne44
5ACarl Hawkins/ Kev Wilson55
6AMike Biss/ Cath Woodman66
7AJames Tyson/ Neil Harrison77
8ARob Yates/ Alan Ogden88
9AIan Orford/ Alan Edwards99
10AIan Mepham/ Samm Keeley1010
11AGordon Popperwell/ Brian Jaggs1111
12AFreddy Camp/ Roger Hunt1212
14ACharles Graves/ Ron Palmer1313
15APaul Rowland/ John Stanger-Leathes1414
Class B
16BMatt Endean/ Dave Leadbetter115
17BDouglas Brown/ Alan Pettit216
18BMike Jones/ Shaun Hughes317
19BChristopher Valentine/ Rob Stubberfield418
20BAlan Shrimpton/ Paul Stephens519
21BJames Morrison/ Ian Morrison620
29BDouglas Shanks/ Neil Shanks727

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Test.

These results became Final on Sunday 16th September 2007 at 08:45 BST

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