Car Cls CrewTotal
Time Card 3
Total Cls
Class E
20EAndy Nixon/ David Taylor3:223:2214
15EMalcolm Holdsworth/ Richard Holdsworth3:353:3525
16EAlastair Crosby/ John Thornton5:415:41310
17EDean PEARSON/ Ross O'BRIEN5:505:50411
14EC.Paul Brereton/ Paul Allen6:266:26512
21EMick Smith/ Rhiannon Blythe7:137:13614
18EAndrew Banks/ Marcus Watmough7:587:58716
19EAndrew Long/ Matthew Field8:048:04818
23ESimon Parson/ Trevor Cattermole18:0318:03929
22EJon Hill/ Michael Pears20:5920:591031
Class M
1MSteve Retchless/ Sam Collis1:071:0711
3Mdanny robinson/ ian gibbins1:501:5022
7MFrank Evans/ Paul Taylor2:152:1533
12MTerry Martin/ Jerry Hettrick4:274:2746
6MAndy Beaumont/ Mike Petch5:045:0457
10MMalcolm Grisdale/ Bob Hargreaves5:085:0868
9MRobert Parker/ Ali Procter5:265:2679
2MDavid Tubman/ John Tubman7:467:46815
8MAde Green/ Kev Wlson8:438:43920
5MStan Featherstone/ Mike Ogram8:478:471021
11MRob Hendy/ Alan Edwards14:0714:071125
Class N
24NBernie Watkins/ Adam Roper6:276:27113
29NPete Jagger/ Ron Turner7:587:58217
26NEd Pead/ John Pead8:118:11319
31NPaul Metcalfe/ Stuart Wright8:478:47422
32NAndy Stewart/ Roger Stoneley8:558:55523
36Nnigel middlehurst/ nick cooper13:4813:48624
34NKevin Lomax/ James Haigh16:1416:14726
27NPaul Buckel/ Steven Butler17:1317:13827
30NChris Melling/ Jez Roberts17:4317:43928
28NJon Vine/ John Turnbull19:5519:551030
35NIan Aiken/ Dave Crawley22:4222:421132
33NDavid Wainwright/ Yvonne Wainwright23:5810:0033:581233
25NAndrew Smith/ Paul Skaife59:3759:371334

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Section.

These results became Final on Sunday 5th August 2007 at 06:06 BST

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