Car Cls Crew1718192021222324 Penalty Total Cls
74CGavin R Smith/ Ben Lawrenson1:361:303:0611
43DWayne Thomas/ Dale Thomas1:361:353:1112
42BGareth Edwards/ Gavin Thompson1:371:373:1413
48DTerrance Hough/ Andy Baker1:421:383:2024
85BGraham Chesters/ Kris Coombes1:481:443:3225
102BAndrew Plunkett/ Paul Firth1:501:443:3436
103AJohn MacCrone/ Zak Hancock1:322:103:4217
98CStuart Ward/ Steve Pollard1:591:503:4928
32AMatt Tarbutt/ Matt Rowden4:001:285:2829
12DGraham Coffey/ Simon Hunter4:001:315:31310
99CChristian Parker/ Gareth Milston1:344:005:34311
These Competitors have not yet started
24DKeith Taylor/ Steve Rogers        434

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 17
Pontins 3
Stage 18
Pontins 4
Stage 19
Weeton 5
Stage 20
Weeton 6
Stage 21
Clifton 5
Stage 22
Clifton 6
Stage 23
Blackpool 3
Stage 24
Blackpool 4

These results became Final on Saturday 17th February 2007 at 21:35 GMT

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