Car Cls CrewTotal
89101112131415 Penalty Total Cls
5H3David Garstang/ Michael Garstang13:111:393:502:151:160:401:41  Retired
20MNeil Raven/ Claire Raven13:421:353:562:12     Retired
2H2John Haygarth/ Robert Hargreaves1F 6:1510:00     3 punctures in 4 tests
45H1Michael Hill/ John Hill9:1210:00     Retired
37NGlyn Bargate/ Dylan Bargate15:09        Test 3 pop drive shaft
7H4Brian Bradley/ Michael Marsland13:08        Retired
23SDavid Wainwright/ Yvonne Wainwright9:22        Retired
26SAndrew Dodd/ Mark Freeman7:07        Punctures
11MLouis Baines/ Barry Allman0:34        Contact with rock
29SJames Durkin / Pete Phena         Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Test 8
Dunnow 1
Test 9
Moss Farm 2
Test 10
Giggleswick 2
Test 11
Lishmans 2
Test 12
Tony's Place 2
Test 13
Bricking It 2
Test 14
Dunnow 2
Test 15
Gisburn 2

These results became Final on Sunday 1st August 2021 at 17:00 BST

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