Car Cls Crew1234567 Penalty Total Cls
Class A
63AAdrian Mayall/ Robert Hayden11:2410:4711:0811:038:067:5711:371:12:02732
65AToby Burton / Mark Burton11:1610:5111:1811:018:017:5411:251:11:46630
75ALee Wilson/ Chris Sheridan       Driveshaft failure
Class B
4BNeil Weaver/ James Bailey15:009:4410:169:517:117:05 Retired
68BEdward Gamble/ Michelle Brooks-Olpin15:0030:0011:2412:15   Fuel
66BHarry David Pinchin/ Colin Jenkins11:2211:0211:39    Gear box
32BBen Grenter/ Phil Spagna10:5710:3511:04    Retired
Class C
19CDean Davies/ Cameron wheatley10:3510:0010:2810:137:257:2210:371:06:40414
14CLlyr Jones/ Sophie Louise Buckland10:149:4910:149:527:206:58 Retired
11CRyan Fagan / Jamie Vaughan10:3410:0210:2010:33   Diff
26CGary Mason / John Matthews 10:3115:00     Retired
45CJonathan Davies/ Owen Rowcliffe 10:36      Retired
28CIan Sutton/ Karen Phelps       Non Starter
Class D
35DEmyr Morgan/ Paul Jones15:0030:0010:3910:147:317:1110:48Retired
47DAndrew Brinkley/ Helena Mayall11:0410:2211:0710:518:0913:00 Retired
40DJustin Middleton/ Steve Friedman10:4610:0815:0010:297:19  Broken CoDriver
22DIan Davies/ Mark Thomas Crisp11:5810:5011:27    Retired
24DRoger Titley/ Ben Pritchard10:5010:3015:00    Retired
36DStuart Ranby/ Ian Bass11:0510:31     Clutch
25DMark Harris/ Darren Matthews10:4610:03     Retired
29DMark Fisher/ Peter Spalding10:5510:42     Retired
21DChris Selfe/ Paul Lowman11:10      Overheating
Class E
1EHarry Gardner / Elliot Graham 10:059:4610:099:447:036:5110:051:03:4334
64EDavid Rowley/ Clive Simpson15:0010:3411:2010:508:228:15 Boost problems
54EDaniel Isaac Shalev/ Simon Sparey11:0210:5811:5711:19   Engine mount failure
34EDave Allinson/ Mike Todd10:3910:35     Brake loss

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
8.20 miles
Stage 2
8.20 miles
Stage 3
8.35 miles
Stage 4
8.35 miles
Stage 5
6.45 miles
Stage 6
6.45 miles
Stage 7
9.10 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 29th May 2021 at 17:45 BST and were signed by Keith Richings (Clerk of the Course)

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