Car Cls Crew123456 Penalty Total Cls
7EJames Munden/ Spencer Chard      Non Starter
8EPhilip Hopkins/ David Jenkins6:466:196:336:257:207:0240:2522
13CJamie Jukes/ James Morgan      Non Starter
17FAndrew Stokes/ Jonny Tad Evans      Non Starter
19EChris Marshall/ Simon Hunter6:546:316:50   Retired
20DChris Selfe/ Paul Lowman      Non Starter
24CDavid Edmunds/ Dominic Jeans7:387:077:357:198:147:4645:39830
25CWayne Jones/ Dorian Jones6:486:376:556:477:39 Retired
27EChris Surman/ Zowie Boiston      Non Starter
30BRichard James / Annalize James 7:327:237:347:258:31 Retired
33BMike East/ Roger Davidson7:417:017:207:158:1911:4249:181048
35FIan Davies/ Mark Thomas Crisp      Non Starter
37CAdrian Griffiths / Karolina Kunigiskyte      Non Starter
38CAJ Khalid/ Dave Cottam7:497:097:34   Retired
42BJames Evans/ Ffion Davies7:076:497:197:108:207:57Excluded - Reversing on Stage 5
43BLes Allfrey/ Keith Fellowes7:367:187:427:328:538:2047:21842
46DAdrian Crawford/ Edward Reid McNaught Runciman7:216:557:187:068:19 Retired
47CDavid Hockaday/ Stephen Frost7:277:007:177:1112:137:5549:031245
48BMartin Taylor/ Steve Suckling7:096:417:09   Blown engine
50CMark Fussell/ David Fussell7:327:15    Oil leak
52CDavid Bruce/ katie bruce7:266:497:207:178:23 Retired
55CSteve Summers/ Abi haycock7:226:5812:14   Mechanical crank sensor
63FKevin Johnson/ Peter Spalding7:327:127:407:358:508:15Excluded - Reversing on Stage 5
72EWilliam Mellard/ Kieran Bourne      Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
5.20 miles
Stage 2
5.20 miles
Stage 3
5.40 miles
Stage 4
5.40 miles
Stage 5
6.60 miles
Stage 6
6.60 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 1st May 2021 at 17:20 BST and were signed by Dave Boden (Clerk of the Course)

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