Car Cls Crew1234567 Penalty Total Cls
2ERob Dennis/ Andy Boswell5:596:05     Hitting a large rock
5EPaul Wedgbury/ Neil Dashfield6:095:497:43    Gearbox / Front Diff exploded
7ELee Kedward/ Mark Newman6:186:035:5113:005:255:156:2948:21347
13ENigel Mee/ John Fellowes       Non-Starter
16EJack Thorne/ Andrew John Richards6:00      Retired
17DLewers Firth/ Shaun Lapper6:456:166:005:565:29  Retired
18HMike Simpson/ Andrew Simpson13:005:468:525:58   Retired
20CPhil Turner/ Terry Martin6:276:125:565:485:21  Electrical Gremlins
22CKevin Boyle/ Richard Collar13:006:246:125:54   Retired
25HDarrell Taylor/ Stephen McNulty6:53      Hit Chicane
27BBenjamin Short/ Hannah Chislett6:52      Mechanical
28CNeil Jones/ Alan Thomas 6:456:256:226:125:515:236:5443:52926
30EConnor Poole/ Aaron Field7:086:256:266:1711:00  Retired
40BSteve Davies/ Lucy Wilding        Non Starter
41DJason Taylor/ Loic Ditchburn       Retired
47EMark Blenkinsop/ Adam Blenkinsop6:506:256:1813:005:515:237:0950:56551
49CJonathan Davies/ Elgan Davies        Retired
52DDavid Fletcher/ Harrison Sheppard7:016:257:33    Engine
55HGareth Bevan/ Steffan Evans6:376:256:255:585:515:236:4343:22321
70CHendrik Minderman/ Ethan J Harris8:246:257:147:005:515:23 Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
5.20 miles
Stage 2
5.20 miles
Stage 3
5.00 miles
Stage 4
5.00 miles
Stage 5
4.40 miles
Stage 6
4.40 miles
Stage 7
5.20 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 17th April 2021 at 18:15 BST and were signed by Kev Smith (Clerk of the Course)

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