Car Cls Crew12345678 Penalty Total Cls
1DIan Tiffany/ Graham White12:41       Gearbox
4CPeter Turner/ R.J. Carr13:38       Retired
7DGraham Abel/ David Craggs13:28       Head gasket
12CGraham Lepley/ Niel Frost13:4514:28      Head gasket
22DSteven Cowell/ Mark Clifford13:3912:406:446:23    Broken Stub Axle
24BCraig Rees/ David Waldron13:2013:107:076:4014:2312:586:51 Retired
25BDave Parker/ Sean Deaton13:4813:417:05     Brake and clutch problems
28AGeoff Wilson/ Bob Brown14:41       Gearbox
34DEddie Turner/ Roseanna Gorman13:2915:00      Halfshaft, Gearbox and Brakes
40DGavin Read/ Nigel Hope12:4412:3110:30     Retired
43DPaul Lumsden/ Dave Bartlett        Head gasket
46BIan Brindle/ Vanessa Fentiman        Retired
47AMike Dowell/ John Roberts13:5420:30      Retired
51DPhilip Marks/ Sean Stubbs        Cancelled
54BBob Hammond/ Nigel Hutchinson14:1415:3715:207:357:24Retired
56CStephen Sanderson/ Rob Buchan14:5414:437:307:3614:5414:35  Navigator Ill
57CLorraine Leeming/ E Cunningham        Retired
58AS.F. Drabble/ S. Lancaster15:0914:487:39     Clutch
60BMichael Quinn/ Shaun Mortimer        Fire in the engine bay
63BMark Carruthers/ Chris Haigh16:5120:30      Retired
66AStuart Gilks/ Mike Boyns13:4115:08      Head gasket
67APhil Holt/ Suzanne Clough18:4720:30      Retired
68CSusannah Morris/ Jason Lepley14:3513:567:057:02    Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

These results were last updated on Tuesday 6th April 2021 at 19:53 BST

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