Car Cls Crew123456 Penalty Total Cls
14Bryan Gill/ Jonathan Bean3:313:212:312:293:353:3419:0122
24Anthony Eaton/ Peter Hartland3:263:172:262:253:323:2618:3211
34Mike Taylor/ Emma Taylor3:263:282:272:313:343:3819:0433
43Charlie Taylor/ Murray Foster3:263:302:402:373:473:4419:4417
54Kevin Proctor/ Colin Wilson3:323:222:342:263:393:3819:1144
64Chris Lewis/ John Richardson3:323:242:372:323:413:3719:2366
73Michael Glendinning/ Dave Thompson3:403:312:452:413:473:4320:0728
83Stewert Hymas/ Steven Featherstone3:393:322:422:373:509:0025:20938
94Nick Taylor/ George Hill3:583:472:492:434:593:546:0028:101340
Car 9 Penalty details:- 6:00 for 6:00 late at MTC 1
103Charles Jackson/ Brenda Richardson3:433:322:373:17  Retired
113Richard Welford/ Larry Carter3:383:312:442:403:523:4920:1439
122John Robson/ Ken Bowman3:393:472:402:343:487:0123:291536
134Rudolf/ Santa      Too many Mince Pies & Sherry
143Nick Cook/ Darren Smeaton3:383:342:452:423:563:5720:32413
153Andrew Smalley/ Chris Mann3:473:494:20   Engine Trouble
162Dave Owen/ Malcy Oliver3:453:392:432:403:533:4720:27211
172Paul Cooper/ Steve Robson3:503:542:532:434:104:0321:33621
184Darren Wilcox/ Kevin Wilson3:363:383:002:426:273:5823:211235
193Tony Thompson/ Richard Myers3:453:372:492:373:583:4820:34515
204Ian Colman/ Neil Colman3:463:382:44   Retired
214Barry Pittaway/ Chris Cole3:293:242:282:373:363:4219:1655
223Steve Magson/ Geoff Atkinson8:00     Retired
232Terry Searle/ Jeff Lloyd3:393:342:432:414:013:5420:32414
242Dave Cox/ Tony Stolarski3:473:392:482:463:573:581:0021:55926
Car 24 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at MTC 1
252Richard Pocklington/ Mark 'Blobby' Lawson3:543:412:442:56  Retired
263Jim Dent/ Andrew Legge      Retired
272John Mennell/ Nigel Hope3:383:392:392:373:593:5220:24110
284Glen Workman/ Jason Smith3:463:432:362:343:553:411:0021:15717
Car 28 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 late at MTC 1
293Mick Thompson/ Vicky Walton3:573:532:552:514:003:5421:30720
302Barry Walker/ Janice Walker3:473:412:492:424:003:5720:56516
312Malcolm Davey/ Howard Turner3:453:412:532:503:59 Retired
323Iain Horton/ John Curtis3:543:432:572:524:023:5821:26619
334Alistair Hutchinson/ St John Dykes3:583:502:562:514:064:0821:49824
352Gordon Milne/ Iain Huitson4:043:512:592:534:124:5322:521333
364Geoffrey Lloyd/ John Buckley3:393:592:422:434:234:5122:171029
371John Deegan/ Kath Shepherd3:483:392:542:473:574:1621:21118
383Karl Tuer/ Robin Tuer4:053:522:552:474:074:0521:51825
392Nigel Bramall/ Roger Close4:003:533:073:004:274:1222:391232
412Steve Hopewell/ Andy Johnson3:393:362:422:423:573:5220:28312
422David Shuttleworth/ Andrew Leach3:543:483:012:534:054:0121:42823
434Steve Sanderson/ Steve McNulty3:503:542:552:474:003:551:0022:211130
Car 43 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at SSA 4
444Charles Wilson/ Maurice Pook3:564:002:582:554:234:0422:16928
454Mike Kent/ John Tillett      Retired
463Stella Harding/ Chris Harding5:344:243:363:254:424:4026:211039
472Richard Pinkney/ Richard Lumb      Retired
482Steve Williams/ Terry Wright3:533:512:552:494:064:0221:36722
492Dave Parker/ Matthew Whattam3:583:583:022:524:064:0522:011027
511James Middlebrook/ Graham Wilson4:244:043:123:114:204:16O.T.L. @ SSA 6
522Joanna Atkinson/ Paul Banks4:064:113:093:034:444:2523:381637
532Mick Barnes/ Brian Barnes4:053:593:032:594:184:0922:331131
542Stuart Simpson/ Jon Olds4:304:223:193:154:424:35O.T.L. @ SVC B IN
552Michael Pollard/ Alistair Fairburn4:074:003:073:075:079:00Who put that boulder there?
562Darryl Pickering/ Grant Jewitt4:124:083:023:214:144:1123:081434

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Waithwith 1
Stage 2
Waithwith 2
Stage 3
Feldom 1
Stage 4
Feldom 2
Stage 5
Waithwith 3
Stage 6
Waithwith 4

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