Car Cls Crew123456789101112131415 Penalty Total Cls
Class A
30ARichard Johnson/ Richard Pashley1:372:045:585:548:098:577:31        Head Gasket Failure
75AMike Smith/ Guy Gladwin1:412:135:475:559:179:10         2:00Exhaust Broken
Car 75 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at TC 4A SVC IN
1:00 for 1:00 early at ATC 6
63AChris Moore/ Ken Bills1:442:085:575:42           Retired
37ADarren Underwood/ Sue Mee               Broken Driveshaft
Class B
55BDavid Beesley/ Derek Ramsdell1:351:595:395:188:218:097:142:056:516:5510:154:484:395:215:15Unauthorised assistance
54BMartin Watkinson/ Tony Williams1:372:015:385:298:198:117:302:07       Big bang
77BTony Smith/ Geoff Moss1:442:125:505:468:358:368:08        Retired
27BSteve Hopewell/ Pete Beer1:291:585:355:338:248:057:45        Rocker Failure
76BDarryl Pickering/ Grant Jewitt1:402:045:395:538:51          Engine Failure
36BNeil Holland/ Carl Briggs1:382:076:046:33           Oil Pressure
46BPhilly Hall/ Stewart Chambers               Retired
Class C
14CNick Cook/ Darren Smeaton1:352:045:405:548:318:50         Alternator Failure
44CAlan Larkin/ Bernard Fernyhough1:412:125:585:448:318:24         Clutch Failure
26CKevin Dodd/ Adam Greenaway1:442:126:165:597:467:51         Cracked Sump
62CTim Elcock/ Stephen Elcock1:382:056:336:21           O.T.L. @ FTC 3
41CRobert White/ Linda White1:362:006:075:45           Retired
13CMick Plowman/ Alistair Wilk (Yoda)1:362:035:405:42           Accident
51CAndrew Moverley/ Peter Emmerson2:08              Misfire
25CRoger Turnbull/ Jeremy Griffiths               Non-starter
72CMartin Brearey/ Colin Stockil               Retired
Class D
3DKevin Vaites/ Richard English1:311:575:255:177:317:237:021:506:146:089:455:285:014:574:48Excluded WD on SS12
21DJonathan Gratton/ Neil Rowley1:352:035:435:407:447:407:252:146:166:1310:295:115:155:21 Wheel stubs sheared
12DCraig Dykes/ Steve Hugill1:322:045:235:257:247:286:581:516:116:049:27    Broken Propshaft
2DClifford Spencer/ Janice Spencer1:301:505:195:177:487:356:291:436:26      Turbo damage
35DIan Tunney/ Stephen Lancaster1:391:596:335:519:247:50         Navigator Ill
8DDave Craven/ Ian Jackson1:291:545:195:187:287:32         Head Gasket Failure
9DRichard Lyons/ Bob Lyons1:351:596:336:337:43          1:00Blown motor
Car 9 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at ATC 2
67DSteve Sanderson/ Stephen McNulty1:322:005:345:52           Gearbox Failure
4DChris Barker/ Jon Stott1:281:535:24            Hit pile of wood
Class E
57EDuncan Pearcey/ Nigel Bennett1:542:156:045:478:538:368:254:196:496:4412:11    Retired
24EDuncan Stead/ TBA               Non-starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Stage 2
Beacon 1
Stage 3
Gunby 1
Stage 4
Gunby 2
Stage 5
Elvington 1
Stage 6
Elvington 2
Stage 7
Escrick 1
Stage 8
Beacon 2
Stage 9
Elvington 3
Stage 10
Elvington 4
Stage 11
Escrick 2
Stage 12
Gunby 3
Stage 13
Gunby 4
Stage 14
Skillings 1
Stage 15
Skillings 2

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