Car Cls CrewTotal
Card 2
STC30 Route
Total Cls
4AGavin Smith/ Mike Ogram0:080:0811
5ACarl Hawkins/ David Campbell0:120:1222
1AGuy Robinson/ Charles Wheeldon0:420:4233
20ARoger Ashmead/ Roger Hage3:143:1444
2ATerrence Pressdee/ Iain Tullie3:143:1455
7AStan Featherstone/ Plug Pulleyn3:543:5466
6ADavid Lockwood/ John Pickavance5:165:1677
9ABob Marshall/ Mark Wagstaff6:296:2988
3AJason Stone/ Daniel Stone9:419:4199
24CPaul Hutchins/ Andy Ledger9:42110:42110
10ADave Twilton/ Mike Petch11:0211:021011
8AIan Sutherland/ Kevin Bardon12:5912:591112
15ADave Tubman/ John Tubman13:0313:031213
22BStewart Oates/ Stuart Jervis13:4313:43114
13AChristian Claxton/ Piers Evershed15:3815:381315
14ADave Brown/ Steve Porter18:0418:041416
12AJohn Dimbleby/ Anton Lagzdins19:5319:531517
18AGary Baxter/ Nigel Bromley19:21120:211618
17AIain McKenzie/ Matthew Field20:42121:421719
30BStew Dale/ Phil Gregson16:59723:59220
11AJason Turner/ Alistair Crosby8:422028:421821
16AAnne Johnson/ Dave Coggins45:42348:421922
19ASimon Skaife/ Nick Skaife1F 1:02:331F 2F 1:02:332023
21BLiz Young/ Doreen Bardon2F 1:20:1942F 1:24:19324
31BChris Haigh/ Sally Peacock3F 1:22:293F 1:22:29425
25CNichola Hillier/ Dave Broadley7F 1:34:5077F 1:41:50226
28ANigel Hutchinson/ Stewart Chambers6F 1:53:021F 7F 1:53:022127
29CNicholas Gordge/ Martin Pullan22F 1:48:491F 23F 1:48:49328
26CKaren Spencer/ Elizabeth Jubb28F 2:02:56 28F 2:02:56429

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Stage.

These results were last updated on Tuesday 6th April 2021 at 16:53 BST

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L = Lady/Mixed Award