Northallerton Auto Club - Christmas Stages Rally 2005

Final Stage Times in Position Order for Retirements to FTC 6

Car Cls Crew512346 Penalty Total Cls
815Kevin Liddle/ Janice Liddle7:356:4012:008:115:1839:441569
901Bill Robertson/ Nigel Jones8:167:587:427:207:3738:53867
864Anthony Smith/ A Hargreaves7:297:427:487:046:4936:52660
423Ken Jackson/ Helen Davis6:508:206:466:286:21Not Reporting at ATC 6
572Garry Salmon/ Steven Dargan7:086:497:056:156:2233:39938
233Mike Brown/ Stephanie Packett6:536:246:306:195:1631:22511
253Martin Farrar/ Andy Ward6:266:126:165:545:4730:3526
632Paul Slinsgby/ Howard Turner6:426:336:266:20Retired
805David Wallbank/ M Walker7:316:345:06Electrical
725Stuart Simpson/ Jon Olds6:596:487:146:35 Overheating
855Paul Morrison/ Kevin Foster7:046:436:596:39 Retired
602Larry Carter/ Richard Place7:126:466:476:13 Electrical Failure
193Paul Daniel/ Angus Waudby7:006:216:206:12 Broken Belts
395John Clayton/ Margaret Clayton7:447:366:565:09 9:00Steering Damage
145Dave Campling/ James Ducker7:226:527:007:08 Blown Turbo
73Andy Fenwick/ Lee Tindall7:196:496:397:00 No drive
203Mark Thompson/ Giles Dykes6:596:266:216:31 Diff
383Chris Taylor/ Jonny Sproat6:546:256:195:35 Cold Hands and Feet
512Jonathan Bean/ Ian Vickers6:416:346:43  No Gears
25Phil Gallagher/ Mick Gallagher6:585:575:58  Bonnet popped up
762George Askew/ Peter Johnson6:567:11   Gears
55Alex Taylor/ Colin Thompson6:587:03   Retired
63Keith Davison/ Henry Richardson6:386:10   Drive Shaft
223Charles Reeday/ A Hargrave7:45    Crash
532John Lowe/ Garry Green7:03    Diff Failure
405David Stockton/ Christopher Purvis6:30    Gear Box

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

These results became Final on Tuesday 27th December 2005 at 18:00 GMT

M indicates Mixed Crew. N indicates Novice.