Car Cls CrewTotal
Card 2
Total Cls
1AMark Whitford/ Steve Porter4:524:5255
2AGuy Robinson/ Charles Wheeldon26:00 Navigator Brain Fade
3ARobert Marshall/ Roger Hage3:563:5633
4ATerry Martin/ Simon Bentley7:167:1666
5AJohn Dimbleby/ Trevor Faulkner28:0828:08813
6ASandie Taylor/ Paul Taylor26:0426:04712
7AAndy Beaumont/ Danny Robinson59:2559:25914
8APaul Hewer/ James Gratton-Smith2F 24:382F 24:381016
9BDave Chapman/ David Taylor9:399:3917
10BMartin Betts/ Ian Roberts23:0723:07511
11BGraham Nunn/ Paul Nelson9:489:4828
12BDouglas Smith/ Adam Roper2F 1:10:01 Couldn't Manage Navigation
13BNichola Hillier/ Dave Broadley1F 21:40 Water Pump Failure
14BPamela Ashton/ Christopher Brown1F 23:021F 23:02615
15BAnne Johnson/ David Coggins16:4716:47410
16BBernard Watkins/ TBA16:1716:1739
17CDave Bennett/ Oliver Jopson Retired
18CChris Pullan/ Andrew Ford17F 57:25 O.T.L. @ MTC 30
19CMartin Eades/ Christopher Welch16F 1:43:2716F 1:43:27219
20CChris Richardson/ Graham Coates13F 1:48:28313F 1:51:28118
21EDavid Wilkinson/ Michael Mckenna Retired
22EChristopher Goodall/ Paul Bingham5F 1:02:50 5F 1:02:50120
23EJohn Brindley/ Tony Smith15F 42:07 15F 42:07221
24EPaul Wilson/ Jonathan Broadbent Retired
25EChristopher Rider/ Stuart Marriott1F 2:54:00 Not Reporting at STC9
26BCurley Haigh/ Sally Peacock5F 15:225F 15:22717
27ANick Patrick/ Mike Sparrow9F 1:14:57 Retired
28ATim Tordoff/ Ian Frazer3:563:5622
29ACarl Hawkins/ Iain Tullie3:293:2911
30ADave Twilton/ Mike Petch4:444:4444

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that .

These results were last updated on Monday 5th April 2021 at 21:29 BST

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L indicates Female/Mixed Crew. Class A is Experts.
Class B is Semi-Experts. Class C is Novices. Class E is Millennium.