Guernsey Kart & Motor Club - Resolution IT Guernsey Rally 2020

Final Stage Times in Starting Order with Positions to SSA 1 - Morning

Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
1DRoss le Noa/ Domonic Volante 11
2DJeremy Baudains/ James Ollivro22
3DDale Crowsley/ John Vaudin33
4DDave Oliveira/ Victor Nobrega44
5ENeil Cotillard/ Helen Lucas15
6CMark Syvret/ Chris Fox16
7DRobert de st Paer/ Steve Hobbs57
8FWD2Andy Corner/ Ade Campo18
9CKevin Rumens/ Kay Taylor29
10FWD2Craig Robert / Karl Marshall 210
11CGary Duquemin/ Andrew Henry 311
12AStuart Thompson/ Aimee White112
13FWD2Karl Robert/ Chris Pommier313
14DMatthew Leggatt/ Garry Toy614
15EDavid Ginn/ Mike Timms 215
16BJohn Eborall/ Peter Jory116
17BPaul Trebert/ Jason Carre217
18EMichael Cotillard/ Wendy Geary318
19FWD2Chris Torode/ Phil Ferbrache419
20CNick Duquemin/ Richard le Marquand 420
21APaul Vibert/ Nick Saunders221
22FWD2Richard Le Marquand/ Trevor Rabet522
23FWD2Joao Rodrigues/ Jordan Neill623
24FWD2Gary Robert / Miranda Knight 724
25BAngus Torode/ Adam Creed325
26EKeith Pinel/ Matthiew PinelNon Starter
27BFraser Torode/ Adam Le Ray426
28AAyrton Hockaday/ Dave HockadayNon Starter
29BMark Scott/ Liza Scott527
30CRichard Le Feuvre/ Nathan Ward528
31CJohn Le Cheminant/ Connor Harvey629
32FWD2Jonathan Robilliard/ Gregory Robert830
33FWD2Christopher Daykin/ Christopher Walker931

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Saturday 29th February 2020 at 20:50 GMT