Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
Class Class 1
42Class 1Matt Cotton/ Dan Nieroda133
44Class 1Pete Gorst/ Phil King235
46Class 1Phil Lilley/ John Ellwood337
54Class 1David Barr/ Neil Mitchell-Hunter445
61Class 1Billy Walden/ Andrew Walshaw550
62Class 1Dave Head/ Lewis Griffiths651
Class Class 2
25Class 2Mark Shaw/ James Coxon120
27Class 2Barry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge222
28Class 2Bobby Mitchell/ Rhys Stoneman323
34Class 2Bryan Gibson/ Katy Mashiter426
45Class 2Caroline Carslaw/ Charley Sayer-Payne536
47Class 2Dan Jones/ Cyril Jones638
53Class 2Joel David Simpson/ Shannon Turnbull744
55Class 2Chris Marlow/ David Shepherd 846
57Class 2Jonathan MacDonald/ Chris Wareham948
63Class 2Tom Harrison/ Marcus Pomfret1052
Class Class 3
26Class 3Andrew Robinson/ Kev Wilson 121
32Class 3Iwan Roberts Jnr/ Steve Griffith225
35Class 3John Lowe/ Dave Robson327
36Class 3Graham Bruce / David Aitken 428
39Class 3Will Midgley/ Geoff Maybank530
48Class 3John Brownie/ Gordon Ritchie639
49Class 3Tony Walker/ Dave Read740
51Class 3Ian Barnes/ Emma Morrison842
52Class 3Jason Metcalfe/ David Batley943
56Class 3Alexander Ian Milne/ Dawn Milne1047
60Class 3Joel Eakin/ Sean Doherty1149
64Class 3Matthew Robinson/ Graham Wilcock1253
59Class 3Benjamin Smith/ Phill Spurge 1:001:001355
Car 59 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at TC 1
21Class 3Ashley Hodge/ Graham Chamberlain1456
Class Class 4
23Class 4Mike Wolff/ Mark Twiname119
43Class 4Andrew McCormick/ Chris McSherry234
50Class 4Ben Jemison/ James Dixon341
Class Class 5
1Class 5Ollie Mellors/ Ian Windress11
2Class 5Stephen Petch/ Michael Wilkinson22
3Class 5Thomas Preston/ Carl Williamson33
4Class 5Jock Armstrong/ Cameron Fair44
5Class 5Charles Payne/ Patrick Walsh55
7Class 5Daniel Hiorns/ Chris Purvis66
9Class 5Phillip Pickard/ Simon Pickard77
10Class 5Simon Bowen / Richard Robinson 88
11Class 5Alan Carmichael / Claire Williams99
12Class 5Richard Ceen/ Osian Owen1010
14Class 5Gary Tomlinson / Liam Whiteley1111
15Class 5James Ford/ Dale Bowen1212
16Class 5Steve Petch/ John Richardson1313
17Class 5Seb Perez/ Alex Lee1414
18Class 5Kevin Crawford/ Andrew Stevenson1515
19Class 5Simon Green/ Andrew Thorpe1616
20Class 5John Rintoul/ Ross Hynd1717
22Class 5Mark Holmes / Craig Simkiss1818
31Class 5Trevor Mcconnell / Dean O Sullivan1924
37Class 5Nick Taylor/ Helen Harkness2029
40Class 5Andy Graham/ Ryan Graham2131
41Class 5Hugh Brunton/ Richard Simmonds2232
24Class 5Alun Pearson/ Aras Dincer2357

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Saturday 7th December 2019 at 15:55 GMT

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