Clitheroe & District Motor Club - Hall Trophy 2019

Final Stage Times in Position Order with Positions to MTC 1

Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
15Adrian Spencer/ Lauren Hewitt11
25David Campling/ James Ducker 22
35Steve Simpson/ Jonathon Kennedy33
45Martin Pavier/ Peter Kettle44
55Darren Meadows / James Squires55
65Dave Hornbrook/ Ann Forster66
74Stephen Booth/ Catherine Booth17
84Ian Curwen/ Mick Anderson28
95Lee Allen/ Ben Allen 79
103Mark Booth/ Colin Tombs110
112Ben Short/ Hannah Chislett111
125Kenny Brown/ Alan Brown812
145Julian Hope/ Nick Thornton913
154Philip Rowland/ Phil Woodcock314
164Stuart Ranby/ Mel Hudson 415
174Simon Belcher/ Pete Butler516
183Michael Pickles/ Beverley Warren 217
192Edward Lewis/ Graham White218
205Andy Smith/ Bob Draper1019
215Craig Teasdale/ Benn Oliver1120
222John Savage/ Paul Rhodes321
232John Deegan / George Merrills422
245Geoffrey Simpson/ Bruce Lindsay 1223
254James Swallow/ Jack Mather624
265Ross Leach/ Phil Hall1325
273John Stevens/ Don Bramfoot326
285John Wood/ Daniel tribe 1427
294Clive Hitchman/ Jeremy Griffiths728
302David Duff/ Richard Hill529
313Phil Bruce/ Tom Robert's 430
325Dean Hickling/ Geoff Moss1531
344Peter Outram/ Jemma Outram832
353Ben Gill/ David Didcock533
363Paul wild/ Richard Wilkinson 634
373Stephen Oade/ Joe Oade735
383Gary Dillon/ Dave Riley836
393Andy Hulme/ Tommi Meadows937
403Brian Maguire/ Chris Gray1038
415Andrew Mallinson/ Adam Hanner1639
425Steven Kenyon/ Jonathan Lee Cragg1740
435Nathan Yates/ Richard Lockert1841
442Chris Vosper/ Clare Vosper642
451Mark Annison/ Ian Humphrey143
464Ken Barber/ Gareth Stanley944
473Harrison Malin/ Phil King1145
483Tom Hobson/ Ellisha Blackwell1246
493Michael Edward Humphreys/ Daniel James O'Hanlon1347
504Adam Moss/ Gawaine Clark1048
513Daniel Poole/ Derek Lewin1449
521Ian Bass/ Peter Rundle250
531James Robert/ Andrew Foster351
542Ian Faulkner/ Alan Jackson752
552Peter Sharples/ Victoria Swallow853
564Ross Hammond/ Nick Taylor 1154
571Stephen Johnson/ Steven Butler455
581Ian Daws/ Stephen Holmes556
591Stephen Roscoe/ Alex Roscoe657
601Stewart Holmes/ Steven Holmes758
611Mike Collin/ Connor Poole859
635Stuart Cadman/ Mike Withers1960
645Scott Renshaw / Chris Bullock2061

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Saturday 23rd November 2019 at 6:15pm GMT