Roger Albert Clark Rally Motor Club - ATL Carlisle Stages Open Rally 2019

Final Stage Times in Starting Order with Positions to MTC1

Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
2BE2Jason Pritchard/ Phil Clarke11
4A4Ieuan Rowlands/ Emyr HallNon Starter
5BD5Roger Chilman/ Patrick Walsh12
12A4Phil Burton / Dylan Thomas 13
16A4David Crossen/ Aileen Kelly 24
17A4Henri Grehan/ Jack Bowen35
19A4David Hutchinson/ Jeff Garnett46
24BC3Iwan Roberts Jnr/ Steve Griffith17
28BD5Leigh Armstrong/ Chris Armstrong 28
29A4Andy Turner/ Steve Harris59
30BD5James Potter/ Bob Duck310
33A2Barry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge112
36BD5David Brown / Steve Bielby415
41BD3Dave Forrest/ Charlie Carter117
42BE2David Dobson/ Graeme Wood218
43A4Steve Magson/ Kevin Bardon619
46A2Andy Gray/ Howard Pridmore221
47BD2Jim Stephenson / Sam Spencer122
48BD3Stephen Anthony Forster/ Anthony John Gill223
49BD5David Tomlin/ Keith Ashley524
50A3Ashley Hodge/ Mark Twiname125
51BD5Nick Kitching/ Andrew Trollope626
52BD3Jim Robertson/ Mike Curry327
54BD3Walter Henderson/ Jim Kinloch428
55A1Aaron Rix/ Rob Cook129
59A4Chris Melling/ Andrew Peak732
60A1Richard Jordan/ James Gratton Smith233
61BE1William Midgley/ Chris Slater134
62A4James Curtis/ Stu Thomas 835
63A3Linzi Henderson/ Tom Hynd236
65BC2Paul Rawson/ Paul Wild137
66A1Dale Glover/ James Wood338
67BC3Gavin Chisholm / Shannon Turnbull239
69A1William Slater/ Gerry Slater440
81A5John Wink/ Neil Shanks141
82A5Michael Binnie/ Sophie Wickham242
83A5Alan Dickson/ Martin Forrest343
84A5John McIlwraith/ Heather GrisedaleNon Starter
85A5Darren Martin/ Daniel Hurst444
86A5Kevin Crawford/ Andrew Stevenson545
87A5Jan Budge/ Bruce Lindsay646
88A5Paul Bonas/ Craig Cameron747
89A5Mike Moates/ Michael Moates848
90A5Kristien Esser/ Dave JacksonNon Starter
91A5Trevor Gamble/ Ronny Roughead949
92A5Aileen Forrest/ John Forrest1050
93A5Raymond Mason/ Paul Hone1151

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Saturday 8th June 2019 at 17:15 BST