Dukeries Motor Club - Donington Rally 2019

Final Stage Times in Position Order with Positions to MTC 1

Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
15Guy Smith/ Patrick Walsh11
24Chris West/ Keith Hounslow12
35Peter Smith/ John Millington23
44Paul Swift/ Jessica Swift24
64Martin Hodgson/ Tony Jones35
74Stephen Tilburn/ Jack Tilburn46
85John Griffiths/ Nigel Wetton37
93Robin Adams/ Ray Keith18
104Mike Taylor/ Cat Lund59
113Joshua Davey/ Tamsyn Davey210
125Craig Fleming/ Alex Fleming411
145Martin Pavier/ Peter Kettle512
153Mike English/ Andy Robinson313
164Ciro Carannante/ Simon Coates614
174Stephen Booth/ Catherine Booth 715
185Philip Hopkins/ David Jenkins616
195Tony Clements/ Stanley Graham717
205Oliver Hopkins/ Ian Taylor818
214Mike Bayliss/ James Wood819
224Philip Rowland/ Philip Woodcock920
233Cathy Sewart/ Colin Stephens421
244John Spiers/ Howard Pridmore1022
254Clive Hitchman/ Jeremy Griffiths1123
262Paul Sheard/ Bruce Lindsay124
272Ken Sturdy/ Andrew Funnell225
283Ryan Connolly/ Christopher Allen526
292Ashleigh Morris/ Jamie Mactavish327
302Chris Ruck/ Steve Harris428
313Chris Shooter/ Bev LeGood629
324Peter Outram/ Jemma Outram1230
332Bob Vardy/ Caron Tomlnson531
343Steve Dolman/ Toby Marshall732
363Tom Stockdale/ Dean Stockdale 833
373Andy Wright/ Nigel Powell934
383Thomas Barlow/ Andrew Lodge1035
392Anthony Mann/ Peter Mann636
405Dean Hickling/ Geoff Moss937
414Alasdair Stables/ Neil Jones1338
423Nigel Greensall/ Ed Stone1139
433Nick Taylor/ Ross Hammond1240
443Jake Briggs/ Barry Briggs1341
451Tom Bishop/ Isobel Mansell142
462Sir Andrew McAlpine/ Andy Bull743
471Dale Lawson/ Andrew Lawson244
493Mike Webb/ Steve Noble1445
512Ian Dove/ John Dove846
527Nathalie McGloin/ Andrew Bayliss147
532Charles Wilson/ Robert Clark948
543Jack Atherton/ Chris Lineker1549
551Mark Jones/ Anthony Windle350
561Andrew Chandler/ Richard Chandler451
571Matthew Walk/ Adrian Walk552
581Kevin Hutchinson/ Damien Welbourn653
593Graham Phillpott/ Ian Jones1654
604Adam Moss/ Duncan Moss1455
611Craig Aston/ Nick Baker756
621Adam Ripper/ Ray Ripper857
636Paul Gorge/ Daniel Hurst158
641Ian Hambleton/ Andrew Hambleton959
651Robert Jones/ Tony Archer1060
662Sam Casey/ James Riley1061
674Robert Page/ Andy Johnson1562
683David Huxley/ James Proudfoot1763
692Graham Marshall/ Mark Dewey1164
703Martin Rumble/ Richard Lumb1865
713Harry Shephard/ Stephen Shephard1966
723Paul Fearn/ Dan Tribe2067
731Matt Lister/ Maz Miller1168
741Adrian Mayall/ Rob Hayden1269
751Tony Phillips/ David Phillips1370
763Ian Faulkner/ Alan Jackson2171
772Rob Birtles/ Michael Fletcher1272
782Mark Clayton/ Nic Clayton1373
793Paul Quinnell/ Darren Jackson2274
801Kay Thompson/ Matthew Thompson1475
811Aaron Destrete/ Chris Sheridan1576
825Ray Read/ Stuart Anderson-Peters1077
835Nigel Mummery/ Fiona Scarrett1178
855Frank Bird/ Jack Morton1279
861Ian Bass/ Harry Walshaw1680

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Sunday 3rd March 2019 at 6:05pm GMT