Ripon Motor Sport Club - Riponian Stages Rally 2019

Final Stage Times in Class Order with Positions to MTC 1

Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
Class A
51ASteve Black/ Paul Morris148
57AAmanda Cornforth-Smith/ Derek Cornforth254
67AAlex Kirk-Willey/ Sasha Heriot364
80AChris Rock/ Phil Rock477
Class B
35BBarry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge132
39BBen Cree/ Mat Smith236
61BChris Lawson/ Richard Wardle358
62BAndy Gray/ Howard Pridmore459
71BJohn Marshall/ Chris Pattison568
76BTony Cawthorne/ Joe Mallinson673
78BMick Smith/ Paul Osmond775
79BMick Quinn/ Dave Jackson876
Class C
25CNick Cook/ Dave Raw122
31CDavid Dobson/ Stephen Pugh228
33CChris Haigh/ Sally Peacock330
37CNIgel Barber/ Stuart Popplewell434
38CGary Cooper/ Jon Riley535
41CMark Booth/ Colin Tombs638
47CPaul Hudson/ Colin Stockil744
48CJohn Tillett/ Guy Kirby845
49CGraham Haigh/ Kari Bates946
54CJohn Hepworth/ Steve Mcnulty1051
55CMick Plowman/ Nigel Hutchinson1152
58CJim Slater/ Jamie Forrest1255
59CTommy A Heard/ Greg McCutcheon1356
64CMicheal George Dowson/ Russell Edward Watson1461
Class D
26DDavid Hutchinson/ Jeff Garnett123
30DRoss Brusby/ Dave Robson227
36DNigel Cay/ Fred Roberts333
40DTimo Kennish/ Dianne Tal437
46DIan Jemison/ Dean Kellett543
65DCharles Wilson/ Maurice Pook 662
69DPhilip Rowland/ Philip Woodcock766
70DSteve Loomes/ Martyn Loomes867
Class E
1EStephen Petch/ Michael Wilkinson11
2ECharles Payne/ Carl Williamson22
3EOllie Mellors/ Ian Windress33
4EThomas Preston/ Andrew Roughead44
5EDaniel Hiorns/ Chris Purvis55
6EAndy Rowe/ Cat Lund66
7EMatt Edwards/ John Millington77
8EChris Wise/ Tracey Wise88
9ECraig McIntosh/ Dave Boyes99
10EShaun Wilson/ Grum Wilcock1010
11ESimon Green/ Andrew Thorpe1111
15EIan Tippett/ Ian Jackson1212
16ERobert Harkness/ Michael Curry 1313
17EJan Budge/ Bruce lindsay1414
18EAlun Pearson/ Sam Spencer1515
19EIan Ring/ Paul Vasey1616
20EPaul Gould/ Phil Kenny1717
21EKevin Downes/ Mark Fisher1818
22EPete Barnett/ Jim O'Kelleher1919
23EJonny Walker/ Lee Oxley2020
Class H1
34H1John Mennell / Alan Ward131
50H1Bob Bean/ Malcolm Smithson 247
52H1Stuart cariss/ Linda Cariss349
53H1Paul Rawson/ Paul Wild450
68H1Rob Graham/ Helen Harkness565
72H1Mike Thornton/ Dave Scrimgour669
73H1Keith Davison/ Henry Richardson770
77H1Jim Stephenson/ Rob Brook874
Class H2
24H2Matthew Robinson/ Sam Collis121
27H2Ben Mellors/ Alex Lee224
28H2Tom Hewick/ Mick Johnson325
29H2Jeremy Easson/ Mike Reynolds426
32H2David Brown/ Steve Bielby529
42H2Terence Hubert Montgomery Cree/ Richard Shores639
43H2Dave Forrest/ Charlie Carter740
44H2Andrew Robinson/ Kevin Wilson841
45H2Nick Kitching / Andrew Trollope942
56H2Ken Sturdy/ Tom Hutchings1053
60H2David Gathercole / Ken bills1157
63H2Tim Metcalfe/ Caron Tomlinson1260
66H2Charlie Blaney/ Adrian Wilford1363
74H2Phil Thompson/ Russ Waller1471
75H2Ben Jemison/ James Dixon1572
81H2Tom Coughtrie/ Ian Fraser1678

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Sunday 10th February 2019 at 5:35pm GMT