Ripon Motor Sport Club - Riponian Stages Rally 2019

Final Stage Times in Class Order with Positions to MTC 1

Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
Class A
51ASteve Black/ Paul Morris148
57AAmanda Cornforth-Smith/ Derek Cornforth254
67AAlex Kirk-Willey/ Sasha Heriot364
80AChris Rock/ Phil Rock477
Class B
35BBarry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge132
39BBen Cree/ Mat Smith236
61BChris Lawson/ Richard Wardle358
62BAndy Gray/ Howard Pridmore459
71BJohn Marshall/ Chris Pattison568
76BTony Cawthorne/ Joe Mallinson673
78BMick Smith/ Paul Osmond775
79BMick Quinn/ Dave Jackson876
Class C
25CNick Cook/ Dave Raw122
31CDavid Dobson/ Stephen Pugh228
33CChris Haigh/ Sally Peacock330
37CNIgel Barber/ Stuart Popplewell434
38CGary Cooper/ Jon Riley535
41CMark Booth/ Colin Tombs638
47CPaul Hudson/ Colin Stockil744
48CJohn Tillett/ Guy Kirby845
49CGraham Haigh/ Kari Bates946
54CJohn Hepworth/ Steve Mcnulty1051
55CMick Plowman/ Nigel Hutchinson1152
58CJim Slater/ Jamie Forrest1255
59CTommy A Heard/ Greg McCutcheon1356
64CMicheal George Dowson/ Russell Edward Watson1461
Class D
26DDavid Hutchinson/ Jeff Garnett123
30DRoss Brusby/ Dave Robson227
36DNigel Cay/ Fred Roberts333
40DTimo Kennish/ Dianne Tal437
46DIan Jemison/ Dean Kellett543
65DCharles Wilson/ Maurice Pook 662
69DPhilip Rowland/ Philip Woodcock766
70DSteve Loomes/ Martyn Loomes867
Class E
1EStephen Petch/ Michael Wilkinson11
2ECharles Payne/ Carl Williamson22
3EOllie Mellors/ Ian Windress33
4EThomas Preston/ Andrew Roughead44
5EDaniel Hiorns/ Chris Purvis55
6EAndy Rowe/ Cat Lund66
7EMatt Edwards/ John Millington77
8EChris Wise/ Tracey Wise88
9ECraig McIntosh/ Dave Boyes99
10EShaun Wilson/ Grum Wilcock1010
11ESimon Green/ Andrew Thorpe1111
15EIan Tippett/ Ian Jackson1212
16ERobert Harkness/ Michael Curry 1313
17EJan Budge/ Bruce lindsay1414
18EAlun Pearson/ Sam Spencer1515
19EIan Ring/ Paul Vasey1616
20EPaul Gould/ Phil Kenny1717
21EKevin Downes/ Mark Fisher1818
22EPete Barnett/ Jim O'Kelleher1919
23EJonny Walker/ Lee Oxley2020
Class H1
34H1John Mennell / Alan Ward131
50H1Bob Bean/ Malcolm Smithson 247
52H1Stuart cariss/ Linda Cariss349
53H1Paul Rawson/ Paul Wild450
68H1Rob Graham/ Helen Harkness565
72H1Mike Thornton/ Dave Scrimgour669
73H1Keith Davison/ Henry Richardson770
77H1Jim Stephenson/ Rob Brook874
Class H2
24H2Matthew Robinson/ Sam Collis121
27H2Ben Mellors/ Alex Lee224
28H2Tom Hewick/ Mick Johnson325
29H2Jeremy Easson/ Mike Reynolds426
32H2David Brown/ Steve Bielby529
42H2Terence Hubert Montgomery Cree/ Richard Shores639
43H2Dave Forrest/ Charlie Carter740
44H2Andrew Robinson/ Kevin Wilson841
45H2Nick Kitching / Andrew Trollope942
56H2Ken Sturdy/ Tom Hutchings1053
60H2David Gathercole / Ken bills1157
63H2Tim Metcalfe/ Caron Tomlinson1260
66H2Charlie Blaney/ Adrian Wilford1363
74H2Phil Thompson/ Russ Waller1471
75H2Ben Jemison/ James Dixon1572
81H2Tom Coughtrie/ Ian Fraser1678

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Sunday 10th February 2019 at 17:35 GMT