Malton Motor Club - Malton Laser Ryemoor Trophy Rally 2019

Final Penalties in Starting Order with Positions to MTC 16 - Time Card 2

Car Cls CrewTotal
Time Card 1
Total Cls
1EBevan Blacker/ Niall Frost40:1440:1433
2EAdrian Green/ Ian Gibbins Throttle Cable
3EStan Featherstone/ Sasha Heriot24:2324:2311
4ENeil Paylor/ James Greenhough2F 6:14 Water Pump
5SCharlie Corner/ Kevin Bardon  Non Starter
6EKris Coombes/ Louis Baines1F 43:481F 43:4845
7EDan Sedgwick/ Sam Ambler2F 24:032F 24:0356
8EDominic Mctear / Ian Rayner 2F 7:27 Retired
9EMark Standen/ Jonathon Webb Retired
10EJoe Mallinson/ Ian Graham10:30 Retired
11EMark Johnson/ Steven Butler5F 54:205F 54:20616
12SClint Eade/ Rob Brook2F 25:382F 25:3827
13STom Henman/ Ashley Young5F 1:00:065F 1:00:06918
14SMatt Bown/ James Whitton 4F 17:444F 17:44510
15SMartin Payne/ Sarah Payne5F 39:375F 39:37713
16SDavid Wainwright/ Yvonne Wainwright5F 27:275F 27:27611
17EWayne Langthorne/ Sam Collis32:5432:5422
18S Bob Taylor/ Simon Taylor3F 43:033F 43:0349
19SDavid Pedley/ Grace Pedley5F 50:535F 50:53815
20SPaul Turton/ John Turton1F 34:371F 34:3714
21SChris Hewlett/ Matthew Hewlett6F 50:406F 50:401020
22STim Bradley/ Dave Boyes2F 35:132F 35:1338
23NOllie Smith/ Graham Lonsdale7F 43:287F 43:28521
24NTom Hick/ Aldis Blacker5F 50:335F 50:33214
25NStephen Holmes/ James Squires5F 1:04:565F 1:04:56419
26NRichard Henman/ John Taylor5F 58:185F 58:18317
27NBen Mitton / Levi Nicholson 7F 1:10:357F 1:10:35723
28NJohn Cunningham/ David Cunningham7F 44:277F 44:27622
29NBen Cutting/ Steve Cumbers5F 38:185F 38:18112

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Test.

These results became Final on Sunday 20th January 2019 at 07:15 GMT