Award No Crew Car
1st Overall1Kevin Procter / Dave BellerbyFord Fiesta WRC
2nd Overall2Guy Smith / Patrick WalshFord Fiesta R5+
3rd Overall6Peter Smith / Graham WildFord Fiesta WRC
1st Class 126Mark Constantine / Andrew ConstantineVauxhall Corsa
2nd Class 157Andrew Chandler / Richard ChandlerFord Escort
3rd Class 159Nicky Cowperthwaite / Helen NobleVauxhall Corsa
1st Class 212Barry Lindsay / Caroline LodgePeugeot 106
2nd Class 231Stevie Irwin / Ian MiddletonVauxhall Nova
3rd Class 225Des Campbell / Craig ForsythPeugeot 206
1st Class 318Edward Todd / Andy BrownGTM Coupe
2nd Class 348Mark Thompson / Thomas BrucePeugeot 206 GTI
3rd Class 310Martyn Tinker / Iain PetersonLotus Exige
1st Class 47Paul Swift / Russ SwiftFord Escort
2nd Class 48Rob Snowden / Mark FisherFord Escort Mk 2
3rd Class 489Mark Jasper / Don WhyattFord Escort Mk2
1st Class 54Gordon Morrison / Calum MacPhersonSubaru Impreza
2nd Class 59Lee Hastings / Malcolm ProudlockSubaru Impreza
3rd Class 511Geoff Wright / Chris SandersonFord Fiesta S2000
1st Mixed Crew12Barry Lindsay / Caroline LodgePeugeot 106
Steve Easton Spirit of the Rally

These results became Final on Sunday 16th December 2018 at 18:15 GMT

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