Car Cls Crew12345678 Penalty Total Cls
25Guy Smith/ Patrick Walsh6:296:30      Mechanical
55Tony Bardy/ Tony Walker7:456:50      Siezed Brakes
84Rob Snowden/ Mark Fisher6:496:408:108:118:368:33  Gearbox
95Lee Hastings/ Malcolm Proudlock7:026:468:108:168:28   Retired
175Daniel Thompson/ Matthew Thompson7:247:168:448:55    Retired
241Joe Cunningham / Marc Fowler 7:03       Mechanical Failure
362Neil Thompson/ Niall Frost7:277:018:208:22    Engine
412Mark Burton/ Zoe Wright8:007:469:119:019:24   Bent Steering Rack due to clipping a tyre on stage
422Stewart Dockray/ Luke Constantine        Driveshaft
433David Gathercole / Ken Bills7:29       Gearbox
475Darren Wilson/ Jamie Forrest7:167:038:158:53    Wheel Bearing Failure
495George Scott/ TBA        Non Starter
561Christopher Lawson/ Adrian Wilford9:307:559:209:32    Oil Leak
583Kev Mcpartland/ Martin Peacock8:577:589:119:309:52   Clutch Failure
674Chris Ingram/ Paul Turner10:517:568:569:019:239:16  Engine
751Darren Roberts/ Paul Redford8:20       Mechanical/Engine
763David Miller/ Brian Hodgson7:437:30      Electrical Fire
791Dan Curwen/ Katy Mashiter12:1212:1230:009:379:349:29  Shaft Failure
812Jamie Hope/ Shona Hale8:167:2912:36     Bolts sheared off Flywheel
822Nigel Harkness/ Helen Harkness7:537:41      Engine has had enough
831Oliver Bell/ Dave Boyes7:477:30      Engine Overheating
841Ian Hopkinson/ Robert James Hopkinson8:488:3210:0510:1610:3012:36  Over-revved engine
854Paul Murro/ Callum Cross        Non Starter
885John Stone/ Jack Morton         Retired
905Darren Martin/ Martin Steele8:347:57      Mechanical;

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
6.10 miles
Stage 2
6.10 miles
Stage 3
6.30 miles
Stage 4
6.30 miles
Stage 5
6.30 miles
Stage 6
6.30 miles
Stage 7
6.00 miles
Stage 8
6.00 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 16th December 2018 at 18:15 GMT

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