Car Cls CrewTotal
78910 Penalty Total Cls
69BPhil Roberts/ Jane Elizabeth Gray28:338:335:209:168:401:00:22562
74CJohn Tear/ Ealish Baxter26:188:165:208:598:2757:202354
37CStephen Benton/ Oli Benton24:577:585:208:378:2555:171743
71AIeuan Evans/ Will Rogers23:227:415:208:417:3252:36228
51CJonathan Stepney/ Aled Davies22:347:485:208:287:470:2052:17825
Car 51 Penalty details:- 0:20 for 2:00 early at MC 3
80CSimon Summers/ Dilwyn John20:267:275:098:067:5649:04311
2EPaul MacKinnon/ Rob Fagg19:526:434:267:076:4744:5533
70CTom Shimmin/ Amanda Shimmin26:388:515:209:31 Gearbox issues
45CPat Johnson/ Sam Spencer23:208:035:209:17 Broken link bar
73CMatt Pierce/ Jez Rogers22:047:445:208:26 Mechanical
7EJohn Indri/ Mathew Smalley1:09:007:395:14  Clutch
11ETimmy Collins/ Cliona Collins20:2417:0013:00  Retired
20ESteven Ormond-Smith/ Charlotte Shimmin22:047:495:20  Gremlins!!!
19EGary Leece/ John Tarrant19:307:294:52  Lost oil!
65BRhidian Daniels/ Tomos Whittle1:24:007:385:20  Retired
53AAntony Williams/ Tim Gill1:09:409:055:20  Engine Problems
12BDai Roberts/ Nathan Davies 1:04:047:45   Car misbehaving
36CMark James/ Hefin Jenkins 21:467:41   Retired
18CMartyn Jones/ Dan Colley 19:399:37   Retired
79CMeilyr Evans/ Andrew Edwards20:127:29   Engine Failure

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 7
The Lhen 1
7.25 miles
Stage 8
Dog Mills 1
5.46 miles
Stage 9
Orrisdale 1
7.78 miles
Stage 10
The Lhen 2
7.25 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 10th November 2018 at 17:00 GMT

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