Car Cls Crew12345678 Penalty Total Cls
15Arron Newby/ Sam Bailey5:325:297:207:106:34   Retired
35Ross Daniels/ Paul Mankin5:5914:007:447:246:476:397:42 6:00Lack of Brakes
Car 3 Penalty details:- 6:00 for 6:00 early at ATC 3
94Stephen Booth/ Pete Butler6:266:098:167:507:056:527:57 Retired
123James Lepley/ Howard Pridmore6:065:547:527:376:596:437:39 Retired
165John Godbehere/ Michael Ball6:256:078:147:457:086:497:56 Retired
185Michael Pickles/ Richard Copsey5:575:427:377:246:46   Retired
225Stephen Oade/ Joe Oade6:316:148:127:477:197:138:51 Clutch
233Kevin Franks/ Craig Walley6:256:088:198:037:20   Gearbox
255Scott Renshaw / Ross Hammond6:095:547:537:407:036:497:56 Retired
264Anthony Windle/ John Hendley6:256:178:398:127:19   Ignition Failure
292Matt Wood/ Daniel Petrie6:22       No Oil Pressure
303Darren Grimston/ Richard Ross6:216:198:11     Engine
315Dennis Sanford/ Josh Routledge6:286:258:438:047:348:088:26 Retired
442Lewis Gatt/ Donald Gilbert        Non Starter
472Lorraine Leeming/ Karen Fitz-Simons6:506:318:43     Blown Engine
493Mark Coulton/ Martin Auskerin7:006:3610:458:437:597:5812:13 0:30Driveshaft
Car 49 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Short Cutting SS7
533Daniel Knifton/ Charles Knifton7:186:58      Accident
605Phil Gallagher/ Mick Gallagher6:015:477:547:377:03   No Drive
614Timo Kennish/ Diana Stevenson        Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
4.70 miles
Stage 2
4.70 miles
Stage 3
7.40 miles
Stage 4
7.40 miles
Stage 5
5.80 miles
Stage 6
5.80 miles
Stage 7
7.50 miles
Stage 8
7.50 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 7th October 2018 at 17:10 BST

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