Dukeries Motor Club - Rainworth ŠKODA Dukeries Rally 2018

Final Stage Times in Starting Order for Retirements to SS 5 Finish

Car Cls Crew12345 Penalty Total Cls
34Alan Kirkaldy/ Cameron Fair8:088:258:0016:00 Diff
63Joshua Davey/ Tamsyn Davey8:488:368:2316:008:3250:191449
75John Griffiths/ Nigel Wetton9:098:4316:00  Co-Driver Unwell (ran out of Tesco bags!)
93Gary Mason / John Matthews 9:02    Mechanical
204Stuart Ranby/ Ian Bass     Non Starter
233Simon Belcher/ Pete Butler9:279:179:14  Crappy Ford Engine
303Martin Evans/ Huw Evans9:379:118:49  Stopped - smoke but no fire
324David May/ Mark Swallow 10:169:219:219:2110:0148:201041
393Andy Reid/ Alex Reid10:099:1716:009:08 Gearbox Issues
402Anthony Mann/ Peter Mann10:1614:48   0:10Blown Gear Box (Again!)
Car 40 Penalty details:- 0:10 for 1:00 early at MTC 1
452Gavin Thomson/ Simon Golding12:258:598:598:589:3148:52642
463Sam Bennett / David Simmons9:588:5416:009:00 Gearbox failed
523Antony Allery/ Callum Francis10:58    Blown Engine
533Tom Stockdale / Dean Stockdale 9:438:569:069:38 Engine
544Stephen Radcliffe/ Pete Gunson 9:488:559:008:569:5846:37726
611Ryan Sainty/ Dan Tribe10:5510:09   Engine Failure
693Lucy Pitch/ Samantha Smith12:30    Diff Failure
702Joe Bridges/ Craig Bridges10:359:499:559:5010:0650:15848
711Matt Lister/ Marina Miller10:359:5110:099:59 Hit barrier
722Rob Birtles/ Michael Fletcher10:5310:1710:2910:3010:5253:01954

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
7.40 miles
Stage 2
7.40 miles
Stage 3
8.00 miles
Stage 4
8.00 miles
Stage 5
8.00 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 19th August 2018 at 18:00 BST