Forresters Car Club and Forest of Dean Motor Club - Architexture Ltd Dixies Challenge Rally 2018

Final Stage Times in Class Order for Retirements to MTC 5

Car Cls Crew1234 Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
751Stephen Robinson/ Dan Nieroda4:384:424:334:3718:30543
551Peter Lewis/ Andrew Lewis4:47   Battery Blew Up!
Class 10
4710Gwilym Roberts/ Debby Myres4:264:414:174:2417:48335
3710Paul Kendrick/ Luke Green4:244:244:134:25Engine Failure
6810David Mark Evans/ Tom Aleksandrowicz4:47   Oil pipe blew
5910Rhodri Roberts/ Catrin Jones    Non Starter
Class 11
1811Wayne Bonser/ Rich Aston4:074:063:594:061:50Retired
Car 18 Penalty details:- 1:50 for 11:00 late at MTC 1
4111Jeff Wincott/ Noel Murphy4:184:244:12 Siezed Engine
1411Jason Gardner/ Dan Petrie4:024:07  Retired
Class 3
293Marcus Padgett/ Rhys Stoneman3:503:523:44 Retired
233Paul Culverwell/ Sophie Louise Buckland4:044:033:544:0716:08963
223Andrew Davies/ Ian Taylor4:054:013:56 Fire
153Neil Jones/ Alan Thomas    Non Starter
273Mark James/ Hefin Jenkins    Non Starter
Class 4
394Gareth James / Ryan Jones4:124:134:064:0816:39121
Class 5
125Mark Fisher/ Ian Jones4:234:174:064:1016:56625
135Gethin Williams/ Tom Williams4:034:043:513:5515:53513
255Stuart Fossey/ Theresa Fossey4:054:083:574:0216:12964
515Peter Jones/ TBA    Non Starter
Class 6
56Thomas Cooper/ Ian Davis3:503:503:413:4815:0949
36Philip Turner/ Simon Anthony    Non Starter
Class 9
429Shane Gamble/ Bob Ward4:274:274:577:2921:20761
579Paul Price/ Tom Bishop4:336:424:274:3520:17655
319Clive King/ Anton Bird4:154:194:094:18Engine
439Colin McDowell / Brynmor Pierce4:064:083:584:03Diff
339Peter Ellerby/ Ben Anderson4:254:35  Gearbox

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Stage 1
3.76 miles
Stage 2
Stage 2
4.35 miles
Stage 3
Stage 3
3.76 miles
Stage 4
Stage 4
4.35 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 29th April 2018 at 17:30 BST