Car Cls CrewTotal
91011121314151617 Penalty Total Cls
80DJulian Gravestock/ Aisling Ridout17:228:438:138:587:308:476:517:048:096:19Crashed into a bank
58CDylan Parry/ Dylan Griffith22:458:458:096:067:028:106:046:488:035:51Electrical Issues
87EAlun Horn/ Robert Turner14:258:278:046:006:578:276:136:599:216:11Bottom Arm Broke
52DJames McCullagh/ Chloe Duke9:488:577:555:557:077:475:476:547:555:55Alternator Failure
17ESean Kelly/ Kirsty Duke10:547:297:075:176:067:025:166:047:085:21Retired
65CDewi Hughes/ Aled Edwards53:557:547:395:476:247:335:40   Misfire
47BDan Fenlon/ Nick Hughes59:288:318:136:17      Retired
63EDave Riley/ Gary Dillon56:398:308:035:59      Retired
48CJohn Woodward/ Rich Pover51:217:537:265:41      Four link boxes failed
9ETomas Davies/ Eurig Davies45:217:036:475:01      Retired
21CRoss Hunter/ Josh Davison23:487:427:205:31      Mechanical
50CWyn Owens/ Jenny Evans52:298:02        Engine - bottom end

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 9
The Curraghs 1
6.83 miles
Stage 10
Andreas 1
7.29 miles
Stage 11
The Dog Mills 1
5.58 miles
Stage 12
The Curraghs 2
6.83 miles
Stage 13
Andreas 2
7.29 miles
Stage 14
The Dog Mills 2
5.58 miles
Stage 15
The Curraghs 3
6.83 miles
Stage 16
Andreas 3
7.29 miles
Stage 17
The Dog Mills 3
5.58 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 11th November 2017 at 16:05 GMT

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