Malton Motor Club - MEM Malton Forest Rally 2017

Final Stage Times in Starting Order with Positions to ATC 1

Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
15Charles Payne/ Carl Williamson11
25Stephen Petch/ Michael Wilkinson22
35Peter M Stephenson/ Patrick Walsh 33
45Ollie Mellors/ Ian Windress44
55Phil Pickard/ Simon Pickard55
65Guy Smith/ Matt Edwards66
75Steve Petch/ John Richardson77
85Peter Smith/ John Millington 88
9H2Steve Bannister/ Callum Atkinson19
101Mat Smith / Derek Cornforth110
11H2Tom Hewick/ Mick Johnson211
12H2Peter Slights/ Ashley Slights312
133Stuart Boyes/ Nigel Hutchinson113
143Nick Dobson/ Steve Pugh214
155Ian Baumgart/ Mark Fisher915
165John McIlwraith/ Scott Young1016
175Alex Taylor/ Mark Swallow1117
185Tommy Graham/ Mark Pickering1218
193Chris (Curly) Haigh/ Sally Peacock319
20H2David Brown/ Steve Mcnulty420
215Daniel Mennell/ Heather Grisedale1321
224Steve Magson/ Steve Bielby122
23H2James Potter / Bob Duck523
244Gary Cooper/ Jon Riley224
254Mike Reed/ Miles Cartwright325
265Andy Graham/ Liam Stubbs1426
274Mike Wolff/ Mark Twiname427
285Steve Bulloss/ Adam Westerby1528
295Petr Krizan/ Martin Chylik1629
30H2Dave Forrest/ Charlie Carter630
312Barry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge131
32H2Phil Thompson/ Fred Roberts732
333Mark Booth/ Colin Tombs433
343John Hepworth/ Dave Boyes534
355Jan Budge/ Bruce Lindsay1735
362Ben Cree/ Andy Brown236
37H2Nick Kitchen/ Andrew Trollope837
383Wayne Hirst/ Don BramfootThrottle Cable
39H2Terry Cree / Richard Gresham Short Shores938
40H2Bob Bean/ Malcolm Smithson 1039
41H2Hugh Jones Evans/ Niall Frost 1140
422John Mennell/ Alan Ward341
435Andy Smith/ Stuart Proctor1842
443Kenny Brown/ Alan Brown643
453Yuk Hodgson/ Jem Hodgson744
464Ian Jemison/ Dean Kellett545
472William Hill/ Richard Crozier446
48H2Josh Carr/ Ben Hall1247
493Dave Arnold/ Nick Middleton848
50H2Mark Boulton/ Graham Wild1349
514Peter Outram/ Jemma Outram650
523Graham Haigh/ Kari Bates951
533Paul Hudson/ Colin Stockil1052
545Scott Renshaw / Nick Taylor 1953
554Timo Kennish/ Dianne Stevenson754
56H2Charlie Blaney/ Adrian Wilford1455
57H2Nick Welch/ Paul Garside1556
582Mick Quinn/ Wayne Smythe557
591Chris Lawson/ Richard Wardle258
60H1Jim Stephenson/ Rob Brook159
614Jonathan Finch/ Paul Vasey860
62H1Michael Thornton/ Dave Scrimgour261
63H1Steve Wilson/ Andrew Catchpool362
645Matthew Sample/ Stuart Mawer2063
653Kris Hopkins/ Martin Melsome-SmithNon Starter
661Chris Row/ David Auden364
671Mark Simpson/ Kate Richardson465
682Chris Marlow/ Ashley Young666
695Jonny Walker/ Paul Wild2167
704Antony Cowpe/ Stephen Moyses 968
71H2Sam Lucking/ Olly Lucking1669
722Mike Percival/ R Foster770
731James Johns/ Paul Watkins571

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Sunday 5th November 2017 at 17:15 GMT