JMC&LCC - Jersey Rally 2017

Final Stage Times in Starting Order with Positions to SSA 21 - Saturday PM

Car Cls CrewTotal
Saturday AM
Penalty Total Cls
1ESimon Mauger/ Mark Regan32:26.4Crank Sensor
2CStephen Leonard/ Sion Humphies1:43:12.11:43:12.111
3DChris West/ Robbie Hannah1:51:41.91:51:41.9411
4DRoss Le Noa / Domonic Volante 52:32.6Retired
5ESimon Chapman/ Neil Colman47:55.9Retired
6DJeremy Baudains/ James Ollivro1:47:27.71:47:27.713
7CRichard Fishleigh / Joseph Smith1:31:24.2Retired
8CDarryl Morris/ Steve Gully 1:46:58.31:46:58.322
9DRobert De St Paer/ Steve Hobbs32:43.6Retired
10DMartin Waters/ Chomp Edwards1:35:57.7Retired
11CRon Allen/ Derek Le Bailly1:50:49.51:50:49.558
12EJames Munden/ Nick Eccles1:58:02.51:58:02.5217
13AJulian Wilkes/ Will Rutherford1:51:32.71:51:32.7110
14FWD2Andy Corner/ Ade Camp1:45:03.2Retired
15DJames Russell/ Mark Russell1:50:37.21:50:37.236
16CStuart Fossey/ Theresa Fossey1:18:09.0Retired
17CJohn Le Brun/ Jason Le Brun1:21:21.0Suspension
18DDave Oliveira/ Kevin Irving 1:48:52.91:48:52.924
19DNick Whale/ Paula Swinscoe33:23.4Retired
20CJohn Le Noa/ Bruce Robinson1:49:23.81:49:23.835
21CLyndon Barton/ Simon Hunter1:59:29.81:59:29.8720
22DWayne Le Bailly / Kieran Gregory13:17.6Diff
23ENeil Cotillard/ Helier Lucus1:51:24.31:51:24.319
24DDale Crowsley/ John Vaudin50:06.5Retired
25CDan Gibson/ Alf Chanter2:08:12.32:08:12.31131
26EAndy Faulconbridge/ Harry Taylor 1:58:30.11:58:30.1318
27CMark Syvret/ Chris Fox1:50:48.91:50:48.947
28EColin Edmond/ Paul Gallagher1:22:25.2Retired
29FWD2Benjamin Smith/ Steven Smith2:05:31.72:05:31.7429
30EDave Longfellow/ Mark Broadbent1:39:46.7Retired
31AStuart Thompson / Calla Woosnam1:53:43.31:53:43.3212
32CSteve Ellis/ Jamie Vaughan40:37.5Retired
33CDarren Hamil/ Karl Egan1:54:31.11:54:31.1613
34FWD2Karl Robert/ Dave Hockaday1:57:17.41:57:17.4115
35FWD2Richard Le Marquand/ Trevor Rabet1:59:16.81:59:16.8319
36DTim Alderson/ Peter Villars2:01:06.72:01:06.7623
37FWD2David Edmunds / Dom JeansRetired
38DRichard Seal/ Ralph Higson50:54.2Retired
39ATony Shields/ Neil ByeNon Starter
40AEd Fossey/ Chris Sharpe-Simkiss1:55:23.51:55:23.5314
41DAlastair Flack/ Nick Starkey1:08:43.8Retired
42EChris Le Chevalier/ Dean Ross1:18:52.8Gearbox
43FWD2Greg Kelly / Andy Smith 1:18:16.1Not Reporting at SF12
44CMatt Leggatt/ Garry Toy2:06:18.22:06:18.21030
45FWD2Kevin Newman/ Simon Cowley1:42:02.3Retired
46CPaul Romeril/ Jane Gray1:34:51.5Retired
47CDessie Nutt/ Geraldine McBrideNon Starter
48DChris Cotillard/ Jordan Neill59:16.1Drive Gone
49DTony Robinson/ Ross Forde1:59:40.61:59:40.6521
50FWD2Ben Mason/ Simon Baudains 1:58:00.31:58:00.3216
51FWD2Chris Hambly/ Paul Brown2:09:25.62:09:25.6533
52EKeith Pinel/ Matthew Pinel2:05:18.82:05:18.8527
53APaul Vibert/ Richard Amy49:04.7Retired
54CAnton Shaw / Rob Crook2:05:31.02:05:31.0928
55CChris Shooter/ Bev LeGood2:00:35.82:00:35.8822
56DNigel Killerby/ Colin Watson2:11:28.92:11:28.9735
57CDick Mauger/ Gino Gouveia2:18:16.82:18:16.81237
58FWD2Craig Robert/ Karl Marshall40:23.9Retired
59DIan Hucklebridge/ Steve McNulty1:21:25.7Clutch
60EDave Smith/ Drew Jones1:46:27.2Retired
61EMatthew Sargeant / Alex Da Conceicao2:10:51.32:10:51.3634
62CJJ Gallagher/ Jackie Corcoran1:19:04.3Retired
63AWilliam Winstanley/ Daniel Lagadu1:37:03.1Retired
64AJames Weaver/ Teresa Butler2:04:38.42:04:38.4426
65CAaron Pinel/ Caroline Palmer1:19:35.7Retired
66BSimon Heywood/ Shaun Layland2:08:44.02:08:44.0232
67AEuan Dangerfield/ Paul Coleshill1:04:14.8Hit a tree
68EGrant Collins/ George Carter2:04:24.12:04:24.1425
69BJohn Eborall/ Peter Jory2:03:09.92:03:09.9124
70DRoss Baudains/ Alyson Touzel2:15:12.72:15:12.7836
71AKevin Shales/ Steve Ahearne13:02.4Retired
72APaul Arberry/ Pete BoldAccident
73CShaun Weston/ Dean Mevo6:44.8Hit bank
74FWD2Gary Robert/ John Robert31:31.1Retired
75BIan Robertson/ Andrew Scott2:28:39.02:28:39.0338

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Saturday 14th October 2017 at 17:57 BST