Car Cls Crew12345678 Penalty Total Cls
65Chris Ford/ Neil Colman8:278:079:579:44    Off Road
74Peter Jackson/ Chris Williams12:388:0610:18     Straight on @T!
85Bob Grant/ David O'Brien        Retired
95Ian Paterson/ Heather Grisedale8:20       Lost a wheel
214Andy Bird/ Sam Spencer8:308:2511:20     Mechanical
235Ian Forgan/ Chris Lees13:459:25      Brakes
254Alistair Tough/ Dee Addison        Non Starter
265Julian Hope/ Mark Townsend9:048:4410:5710:459:4912:38  Transmission
275Liam Harkness/ Steven Clark8:428:1610:2410:098:569:0110:40 Retired
285Neil Prior/ Peter Littlefield9:028:4510:5310:309:399:13  Retired
295Jim Sharp/ Shona Hale9:359:4212:39     Driver unwell
314Tom Blackwood/ Gordon Winning9:058:3711:0310:31    Retired
322Gareth White/ Harry Marchbank8:31       Retired
343George Auld/ Richard Stewart8:438:3810:3910:54    Axle
365Derek Blyth/ Phil Hall8:538:4012:1010:519:599:489:05 Mechanical Gearbox
385Mark Ewing/ Mark Runciman9:449:3811:3910:5215:3815:44  Illness & Diff
393Ross McCallum/ James Ralph9:028:4510:5010:36    ECU Problem
405Ian Dixon/ tba        Non Starter
434John Dixon/ Gavin Heseltine14:2530:00      Too many maximums
451Roger Priestnall/ Jamie Forrest9:069:1111:0811:019:46   Rear Sub Axle Sheared
484Stepen Doherty/ Tony Vart9:43       Wheel off
495Alistair Dalgliesh/ David Dalgliesh9:5414:25      Gearbox
505Gordon Chalmers/ Steven Chalmers9:569:2711:3611:1715:44   Turbo
514Simon Cole/ Joe Hutchinson9:059:2311:1010:529:47   Retired
533Keith Hall/ Peter Johnson8:548:46      Retired
542Donald Bowness/ Richard Wardle11:259:0210:5210:369:4612:34  Broke Driveshaft, lost brakes and sheared wheel studs
583Hayden Forrester/ James wood9:339:1511:2311:159:5312:0110:44 Box full of neutrals
652Ross Pringle/ Thomas Purvin9:169:08      Gearbox
712Gary Laverick/ Phil Kenny9:299:0811:22     Engine
752Finlay Brock/ Chris Pattison14:2511:3412:2017:2210:07   Retired
802Helen Noble/ Caroline Lodge14:25       Retired
813Peter King/ James Coxon9:509:3011:4811:2610:20   Retired
851Stephen Johnson/ Steven Butler11:0711:1611:0311:5011:38Retired
881Jane Walden/ Billy Walden11:1414:2512:4612:1411:23   Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Pinsent Way 1
7.21 miles
Stage 2
Pinsent Way 2
7.21 miles
Stage 3
Toddygill 1
9.20 miles
Stage 4
Toddygill 2
9.20 miles
Stage 5
Bale Hill 1
7.87 miles
Stage 6
Bale Hill 2
7.87 miles
Stage 7
Haybergill 1
9.50 miles
Stage 8
Haybergill 2
9.50 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 27th August 2017 at 18:25 BST

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