No Crew Car CC Class Club Entrant/Sponsor
1Chitty Chocky Bang Bang/ 0Junior
2Monkey Mischief/ 0Junior
3Can't Catch Me/ 0Junior
4Market Weighton Young Farmers/ 0Y. Farmerrs
5Skirlaugh Y.F./ 0Y. Farmerrs
6Market Chieftons/ 0Y. Farmerrs
7Princess Farmers (Selby)/ 0Y. Farmerrs
8Shiiptonthorpe Under 13s/ 0Charity
9Move like Jabba the Hutt/ 0Adult
10Go-on Go-on Racing/ 0Adult
11Loony Tunes/ 0Adult
12Mollyfied Myerscough Madness/ 0Adult
13Weighton Rocketeers/ 0Adult
14Rods and Rockers/ 0Adult
15Weighton Streamer/ 0Adult
16Cheney Commercials/ 0Adult
17RBM/ 0Business
18Honeyfield Honey/ 0Business
19Hot Fuzz/ 0Adult
20DRT/ 0Adult
21The Flintstones/ 0Adult
22Karty McKart Face/ 0Adult
23GNU Fest/ 0Adult
24Norfolk and Chance/ 0Adult
25Wagyu Wizards/ 0Adult
26WHF We have failed/ 0Adult
27Barnyard Racing/ 0Adult
28Pickerings/ 0Adult
29Grandad Batting/ 0Adult
30Dead Cert/ 0Adult

There are 30 entries, and 30 starters

Entries shown like this are non-starters

These results were last updated on Wednesday 18th July 2018 at 08:01 BST

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