West Cumbria Motorsport Club - Legend Fires Greystoke Stages 2017

Final Stage Times in Starting Order with Positions to SS1A

Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
15Gary Tomlinson/ Chris Williams11
25Greg McKnight/ Heather Grisedale22
33Steve Bannister/ Callum Atkinson13
43Matthew Robinson/ Sam Collis24
54Nigel Alan Worswick/ Paula Swinscoe15
64Phil Burton/ Mark Twiname26
75Martin Craik/ Steven Brown37
85Michael Umbrich/ Marion Stead48
95Pip Simpson / Mark Fisher59
105Darren Martin / Martin Steele 610
113Tom Hewick/ Mick Johnson311
125Shaun Wilson/ Errol Bairstow712
143Craig Cleaver/ Sam Spencer413
152Barry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge114
163Andrew Robinson/ Kevin Wilson515
175Andy Graham / Daz Prall816
183Ross Brusby/ Llion Williams617
192Ben Cree/ Andy Brown218
203David Forrest/ Charlie Carter719
213Mick Plowman/ Nigel Hutchinson820
225Jan Budge / Bruce Lindsay921
232Kim Gray/ Tom Murphy322
243Terry Cree / Richard Shores 923
252Mark Shaw / James Coxon 424
263Josh Carr/ Ben Hall1025
274Timo Kennish/ Dianne Stevenson326
283Graham Haigh/ Kari Bates1127
293Nick Kitching/ Andrew Trollope1228
303Nigel Keen/ Tony Walker1329
313Darren Grimston/ Richard Ross1430
325Mick Pickles/ James CroslandNon Starter
332Rob Graham/ Helen Harkness531
341David Coatsworth/ Chris Pattison132
351Chris Lawson/ Richard Wardle233
363Bob Green/ Mal Capstick1534
372Bryan Gibson/ Jim Wade635
381Andrew Chandler/ Richard Chandler336
392Andy Gray/ Emma Morrison 737
402John Stone/ Patrick Brides838
413Charlie Blaney/ Adrian Wilford1639
423John Tillett/ Guy Kirby1740
432Chris Marlow/ Steven Storke941
442Paul Rawson/ Graham Wild1042
453Kevin Franks/ Craig Walley1843
463Steve Forster/ Andrew Hutchinson1944
471Lewis Allen/ Florjan Rus445
485Jamie Martin / Kyle Gass1046
492Jim Stephenson/ Rob Brook1147
502John Livermore/ David Terry1248
511Liam Howard/ Scott Howard549
522Mike Percival/ Rob Foster1350
531Stephen Johnson / Steven Butler 651
545Steven Clark/ Paul Gribben1152
553Andy Reid/ Alex Reid2053

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Sunday 9th July 2017 at 17:45 BST