Clitheroe & District Motor Club - Primrose Trophy Rally 2017

Final Penalties in Starting Order with Positions to MTC 5 - Second Half

Car Cls CrewTotal
First Half
Total Cls
1MRichard Hunter/ Gary Evans3:293:2924
2MAnthony Harrison/ Paul Taylor3:47 Oil Pressure
3MMyles Gleave/ James Chaplin2:252:2511
4MDave Whitaker/ Terry Martin Noisy
5MPaul Buckel/ Steven Butler7:397:39313
6EStan Featherstone/ Sam Spencer3:023:0212
7EJohn Bossen/ Matthew Vokes3:343:3435
8EMatt Flynn/ Rob Bryn 3:443:4446
9ENeil McCarthy/ Alan Barnes Rolled
10ELouis Baines/ Kris Coombes3:543:5457
11EBevan Blacker/ Niall Frost3:233:2323
12EJeremy Dale/ Jonathon Webb5:255:25811
13EStuart Newby/ Russell Waller5:075:0768
14EAyrton Harrison/ Nick Townley 5:165:1679
15ESteve Cotton/ Steve Hudson10:3210:321116
16ESteve Mitchell/ Ian Mitchell14:0114:011219
17EDominic Mctear/ Stephen Frost7:187:18912
18EMarcus Carniel/ Dave Boyes8:278:271014
19EMichael Davison / Josh Davison 1F 8:071F 8:071322
20SDan Sedgwick/ Sam 'coc' Ambler5:205:20110
21SDavid Pedley/ Grace Pedley17:1517:15220
22SAndy Richie/ Ian Farnworth23:20 Puncture lost too much time
23NIan Swallow/ James Swallow11:3411:34318
24NAndy Williams/ Lauren Crook25:2325:23421
25NCharles Andrews/ Sam Coombes  Non Starter
26NPeter Sharples/ Jamie Elwell1F 25:571F 25:57523
27NGareth Shepherd/ Daniel Fox2F 35:342F 35:34624
28NCraig Shooter/ Jonny Bains10:3110:31115
29NGary Sherriff/ Melanie Morgan9F 1:55:369F 1:55:36725
30NLee Ormerod/ Sam Coombes 11:3411:34217

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Test.

These results became Final on Sunday 23rd April 2017 at 06:40 BST