Car Cls Crew123456 Penalty Total Cls
13Terry Pressdee/ Mark Broadbent10:5710:3511:42   Rolled into field
35Dave Welch/ TBC      Turbo Gone
45Michael Glendinning / Tba       Non Starter
55David Longfellow/ Vaughan Graham10:3310:44    Retired
75Martin Farrar/ Andy Ward10:159:4911:139:018:4148:591341
144John Dixon/ Gavin Heseltine11:4810:33    Electrical
156Tom Coughtrie/ Adrian Beer11:2310:2811:439:369:1552:25243
165Darren Wilson/ Peter Scott11:3030:0011:479:439:311:12:311134
173Nick Kitching/ Andrew Trollope11:0710:3711:50   Damaged radiator due to dust
186Stewart Scott/ Glyn Casey11:3230:0011:5410:089:471:13:21136
202Paul Rees/ Ian Faulker      Stopped
214Peter Outram/ Jemma Outram10:58     Sump gasket failure
222David Duff/ Andrew Kellett      Engine
245Neil Andrews/ Paul Slingsby11:1211:0611:569:479:3053:31816
294Clive Hitchman/ Jeremy Griffiths11:0010:2711:389:409:2752:12942
366Christopher John Langthorne/ Dave Bryan11:20     Lack of oil
373Alun Pearson / Jonathan Brown10:4610:2111:40   Engine mount
443Des Moody/ Ian Haynes      Non Starter
454Martin Bradshaw/ James Gordon Brown11:2610:5611:5110:01 Water Pump failure
503Steve Flanaghan/ Bruce Dunsmore12:0311:1812:2110:43 Retired
542Lorraine Leeming/ Karen Fitz-Simons11:0615:0011:5310:1010:1158:20544
553Kris Hopkins / Martin Melsome-Smith11:4811:25    Retired
573Jason Metcalfe/ David Batley11:4511:0812:2010:2010:1055:43926
592James Crosland / Don Bramfoot11:2911:2212:1710:139:5155:12322

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
7.60 miles
Stage 2
7.60 miles
Stage 3
8.20 miles
Stage 5
7.60 miles
Stage 6
7.60 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 2nd April 2017 at 17:00 BST

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