Trackrod Motor Club - Lookout Stages Rally 2017

Final Stage Times in Position Order to ATC3

Car Cls Crew12 Penalty Total Cls
345Daniel Keith Mennell/ Alan Ward10:079:5520:0211
75Martin Farrar/ Andy Ward10:159:4920:0422
115Michael Pickles/ Beverley Warren10:219:5220:1333
25Simon Belcher/ Peter Butler10:289:5020:1844
353Kevin Franks/ Craig Walley10:2610:0420:3015
65Dave Hornbrook/ Phil Hewson10:2910:0820:3756
334Philip Rowland/ Philip Woodcock10:2910:1220:4117
122Chris Greenall/ James Greenall10:4910:0220:5118
395Martin Pavier/ Peter Kettle10:3110:2120:5269
373Alun Pearson / Jonathan Brown10:4610:2121:07210
235Graham Williams/ Nigel Williams10:5110:2121:12711
192Dave Johnstone/ Bruce Lindsay11:0710:1321:20212
325David (2 Sugars) Hobson/ Matt Hobson10:5210:3221:24813
283John Hepworth/ Dave Boyes10:5210:3421:26314
493Rob Brook/ Dan Blood10:5210:3421:26415
294Clive Hitchman/ Jeremy Griffiths11:0010:2721:27216
13Terry Pressdee/ Mark Broadbent10:5710:3521:32517
413Adrian Day / Wayne Ward11:0310:2921:32618
105Shaun Wilson/ Errol Berstow11:0210:3921:41919
173Nick Kitching/ Andrew Trollope11:0710:3721:44720
156Tom Coughtrie/ Adrian Beer11:2310:2821:51121
273Kevin Hullah / Chris Harding11:1110:4221:53822
264Daniel Hart/ Ashley Young11:0811:0222:10323
245Neil Andrews/ Paul Slingsby11:1211:0622:181024
454Martin Bradshaw/ James Gordon Brown11:2610:5622:22425
304Garry Carver / Adam Sutton11:1211:1122:23526
603George Hewick / Mick Johnson 11:3410:5422:28927
424John Moore/ Mark Swallow11:3711:0422:41628
533Edward Welham/ Gill Welham11:3411:1122:451029
473Jimmy Knox/ Alastair Knox11:2911:2122:501130
592James Crosland / Don Bramfoot11:2911:2222:51331
573Jason Metcalfe/ David Batley11:4511:0822:531232
583Scott Renshaw / Dean Wilson 11:4511:1222:571333
503Steve Flanaghan/ Bruce Dunsmore12:0311:1823:211434
512Thomas Hyde/ Harry Stubbs11:5611:3823:34435
524Antony Cowpe/ Craig Stevens11:5911:4423:43736
461Neil Raven/ Ann Forster11:5411:5323:47137
431Stephen Oade/ Joe Oade11:5912:0124:00238
484Dean Hickling/ Geoff Moss12:3011:5924:29839
85Steve Adamson/ Marcus Blenkinsop15:0010:1225:121140
384Anthony Windle/ John Hendley15:0010:3625:36941
91Mathew Smith/ Chris Row10:5115:0025:51342
542Lorraine Leeming/ Karen Fitz-Simons11:0615:0026:06543
565Jonathan Richard Walker/ Paul Wild12:3515:0027:351244
311Chris Lawson/ Richard Wardle30:0011:0741:07445
165Darren Wilson/ Peter Scott11:3030:0041:301346
186Stewart Scott/ Glyn Casey11:3230:0041:32247
254Timo Kennish/ Dianne Dumpling Stevenson15:0030:0045:001048
403Matthew Walker/ Graham Hepworth30:0030:001:00:001549
These Competitors have only reached SS2 Finish
55David Longfellow/ Vaughan Graham10:3310:4421:171450
553Kris Hopkins / Martin Melsome-Smith11:4811:2523:131651

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
7.60 miles
Stage 2
7.60 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 2nd April 2017 at 5:00pm BST