Car Cls Crew12345678 Penalty Total Cls
24Paul Swift/ Steve McNulty        Stuck in the gravel
44Bruce Edwards/ Jim Smith        Front end damage, no steering
54Alan Kirkaldy/ Cameron Fair6:316:167:487:418:03   Transmission
75John Marshall/ Scott Crawford7:177:01      Retired
125Nigel Mummery/ Fiona Scarrett7:12       No gear selector or brakes
144Terry Clarke/ Ronnie Roughead8:057:158:598:589:14   Alternator
205David Ashburn/ Jonny TAD Evans        Non Starter
214James Ford/ Elliott Edmondson7:006:348:09     Mechanical
254Lyndon Barton/ Simon Hunter7:226:578:348:26    Retired
343Ben Moore/ Jordan Joines        Non Starter
355William Moore / Stuart Moore 7:388:069:14     Mechanical Failure (unable to secure door)
383Stephen Booth/ Catherine Booth7:277:059:148:519:098:59  Clutch
424Mike Bayliss/ Sam Bailey7:507:109:38     Retired
443Benjamin Smith/ Steven Smith7:397:058:598:468:588:396:286:51Retired
494Jon Atherton/ Jack Atherton 8:437:5510:2430:0010:219:59  Alternator
513Martyn Ellis/ Clive Leatherby8:137:269:108:449:09   Gardening
652David Mairs/ Martin Young9:478:4511:127:41    Misted Screen
664Stuart Proctor/ Callum Dickinson        Non Starter
853Pete Gunson/ Jonathan Haynes        Non Starter
874Chris West / TBC        Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
5.70 miles
Stage 2
5.70 miles
Stage 3
8.10 miles
Stage 4
8.10 miles
Stage 5
7.70 miles
Stage 6
7.70 miles
Stage 7
5.50 miles
Stage 8
5.50 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 5th March 2017 at 18:20 GMT

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