Car Cls CrewTotal
Penalty Total Cls
2DDaniel Harper/ Chris Campbell42:1042:1011
12EWill Heavey / Barry Ford42:5442:5412
8DCarine (Kex) Walker/ Dannii Matthews43:4343:4323
5CJamie Jukes/ Dave Williams43:5943:5914
4ETimmy Collins/ Cliona Collins44:0044:0025
7DGeorge Collister / Adam Yates44:2844:2836
18BKyle Collister/ Chris Sharpe-Simkiss45:1545:1517
15ENathan Cafearo/ Andrew Dudgeon45:1945:1938
10DDan Colley/ Jim Callister45:3245:3249
17BWalter Bridson / Stephen Christian 46:0046:00210
20ESteven Ormond-Smith/ Kirsty Duke46:4646:46411
14ESean Kelly/ Frankie Ellison46:4946:49512
22DChris Heyes/ Howard Allinson47:1747:17513
36BRory McCann/ Paul McCann47:4247:42314
11EColin Quirk/ Chris Caley48:4548:45615
23DDavid Hughes/ Emma Kennaugh49:1349:13616
27EGraham Roberts/ Bradley Down50:5850:58717
25DPhil Gallagher/ Mick Gallagher52:0552:05718
29CAnthony Shields/ Mark Bunfrey52:1052:10219
28ESpencer Chard/ Derrick Walters52:1152:11820
51DJames McCullagh/ Chloe Duke53:0653:06821
30AJosh Quirk/ Will Brown53:0853:08122
41EKevin Jeffray/ Jane Gray53:2053:20923
52BTristan Kewley/ Oliver Lockwood53:4253:42424
39CGreg Pye/ Ken Cottee54:3354:33325
49CTerry Phillips/ Abbie Quirk55:3555:35426
44DRobert Wheeler/ Chris Wheeler55:3755:37927
34BBill Laidlaw/ Harry Marchbank56:2056:20528
26BPhill Roberts/ Iwan Llyr Jones56:4056:40629
42BMichael McKenna/ Paul Gribben57:2157:21730
38HDessie Nutt/ Geraldine McBride57:2457:24131
43EMalcolm Mawdsley/ Gareth Price57:4857:481032
50ATim Andrews/ Cara Boalch58:4658:46233
37DMatthew Carter/ Geoff Leece1:00:051:00:051034
24CCarl Gower/ Sam Spencer1:00:251:00:25535
53ADavid Clucas/ Liam McCann1:00:311:00:31336
46DPeter Eaton/ Julius Deane1:03:151:03:151137

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Saturday 12th November 2016 at 17:13 GMT

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