Car Cls Crew12345 Penalty Total Cls
45Gary Wayne/ Neal Bloor14:5010:12   Retired
55Dave Welch/ Stuart Proctor9:538:487:317:258:0941:4627
65David Wood/ Peter Kettle9:2911:467:468:29 Broken Rear Diff
94Robert Lowe/ Sam Bailey10:449:267:467:358:1843:49521
153Stuart Ranby/ Ian Bass     Gearbox
163Roger Cox/ Sam Cox9:199:077:367:29 Retired
185Mark Jasper/ Don Whyatt9:359:067:49  No Rain
194Stuart Tomlinson/ Nick Taylor10:249:40   Lack of Progress
284Mark Harris/ Darren Matthews10:5510:06   Retired
312Matt Wood/ Riki (Geff) Musson10:079:217:567:5110:0545:20327
333Pete Gunson/ Jonathan Haynes9:499:19   Valve spring broken
364Chris Pedley/ Chris Pedley Sr.10:539:2614:47  Diff Failure
424Anthony Windle/ John Hendley10:5514:50   Engine Failure
472Adrian Drury/ Martin Auskerin14:50    Retired
481Andrew Saunders/ Steve Griffin10:559:35   Engine Siezed
523Ryan Fagan / Rhiannon Griffiths10:5510:25   Retired
642Chris Ruck/ Steve Harris10:59    Gearbox
704Dean Hickling/ Geoff Moss11:1010:4710:039:1710:0751:241156

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
7.42 miles
Stage 2
7.42 miles
Stage 3
7.39 miles
Stage 4
7.39 miles
Stage 5
7.74 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 23rd October 2016 at 18:30 BST

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