Car Cls Crew1234567 Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
581Olli Bell/ Simon John Rogers11:3310:559:489:339:01  Driveshaft
321Andy Forrest/ Andrew Hutchinson11:1230:009:489:289:10  Overheating
531Ryan Sainty/ Ashley Young12:3812:46     Engine fell out
Class 2
412Paul Andrew Rawson/ Charlie Carter11:5311:279:489:449:389:276:00Diff Broken
492Marcus Tomlinson/ Justin Tomlinson12:0311:309:4810:099:449:28 Damage to Steering
172Chris Greenall/ James Greenall14:00      Driveshaft
Class 3
273Wayne Hirst/ Don Bramfoot10:4110:249:139:478:438:355:271:02:50413
553Stephen Forster/ Ruth Cox17:0011:279:489:469:23  Mal de Navigator
473Matthew Hirst/ Stuart Popplewell11:2110:429:48    Driveshaft
293Yuk Hodgson/ Jem Hodgson11:4110:499:3916:00   Gear box
433Keith Davies/ Stephen Cooper11:0930:009:48    Gear box
363Dhiren Solanki/ Dave Barratt11:3410:58     Caught Fire
383Nigel Roy Lewis/ Edward Thomas Lewis12:38      Propshaft
103Dave Lewis/ Brian Stubbs10:34      Bent Steering Arm
Class 4
204Clive Hitchman/ Jeremy Griffiths11:1610:4830:0030:009:10  Rear Suspension Failure
74Phil Gallagher/ Michael Gallagher10:2010:018:488:498:20  Retired
124Michael Pickles/ Beverley Warren10:299:599:40    Broken Drive Shafts
344Neil Prior/ Andrew Plunkett10:45      Radiator Side (Blew Out)
Class 5
85Michael Umbrich/ Marion Stead10:1110:038:428:488:198:145:1759:3444
95Hugh Paul Peat/ Dane Chapman10:229:588:368:378:218:115:15Gearbox
225Luke Sparrow/ Robert Ginn10:289:578:53    Turbo/Driveshaft
35Nick Stamper/ Matt Daniels10:209:538:40    Didn't have enough fuel to complete stage
55James Sparrow/ Phil Pickard10:029:29     Battery Failure
65Keith Richardson / Jackie Richardson 11:34      Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
8.26 miles
Stage 2
8.26 miles
Stage 3
7.44 miles
Stage 4
7.44 miles
Stage 5
6.99 miles
Stage 6
6.99 miles
Stage 7
4.59 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 11th September 2016 at 18:10 BST

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