West Cumbria Motorsport Club - P&R Benn Greystoke Stages 2016

Final Stage Times in Class Order with Positions to SS1A

Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
181Angus Lawrie / Paul Gribben117
201Keith Riddick/ Scott Peacock 219
381Phil Lilley/ Alex Benn337
401Andrew Chandler/ Richard Chandler439
461Neil Raven/ Ann Forster545
491Chris Marlow/ Ralph Steven Stork648
561Lewis Allen/ Micheal Gilbey755
Class 2
112Barry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge111
242Malcolm Davey/ Paul Slingsby223
262Kim Gray/ Dave Robson325
272Ben Cree/ Dave Scrimgour426
302Rob Graham/ Helen Harkness529
322Keith Davison/ Henry Richardson631
432Mark Shaw/ James Coxon742
442John Stone/ Danny McMenamin843
502Helen Noble/ Marcus Noble949
522David Johnstone/ Bruce Lindsay1051
532Andy Gray/ Steve Harris 1152
542Jonathan Hodgson/ Gary Baker1253
Class 3
33Steve Bannister/ Callum Atkinson 13
43Matthew Robinson/ Sam Collis24
73Charlie Taylor/ Alan Ward37
103Andy Gibson/ Chris Pattison410
143Phil Jobson/ Jerry Hettrick 513
153Tom Hewick/ Mick Johnson614
163Andrew Robinson/ Kevin Wilson715
173Craig Cleaver/ Chris Sheridan816
213Darren Grimston/ Richard Ross920
283Graham Haigh/ Kari Bates1027
313Darren Howard/ Scott Howard1130
353Nick Kitching/ Drew Trolope1234
373Neil Prior/ Peter Littlefield1336
413Andy Darlington/ Carl Lumb1440
453John Hepworth/ Dave Boyes1544
473Terence Trelfa/ Steven Abberley1646
483Charlie Blaney/ Adrian Wilford1747
513Luke Tunney/ Ian Chew1850
553Kieron Stynes/ Jon Stynes1954
Class 4
84Nigel Worswick/ Clive Molyneux18
294Roger Haycocks/ Tom Bishop228
394Timo Kennish/ Dianne Stevenson338
424Michael Fritz Wolff/ Mark Richard Twiname441
Class 5
15Gary Tomlinson/ Arron Newby 11
25Phil Pickard/ Simon Pickard22
55Scott McCombie/ Mark Fisher35
65Michael Umbrich/ Marion Stead46
95Martin Craik/ Steven Brown59
125Pip Simpson/ Heather Grisedale612
195Daniel Thompson/ Matthew Thompson718
225Andy Graham/ Will Henry821
235Colin Edmond/ Simon J Rogers 922
255Peter Herron/ Tom Herron1024
335Tony Larkin/ Laurie Walker1132
345Jan Budge/ James Boyles1233
365Mick Pickles/ Rob McHenry1335

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Sunday 10th July 2016 at 17:15 BST